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Preserving Food, Canning, Strawberry Jam

Updated on March 19, 2014
Strawberry Jam On A Dish In This Photo. All You Need Is A Golden Brown Biscuit To Put It On And Enjoy. You yourself can make some delicious strawberry jam. Yes you can.
Strawberry Jam On A Dish In This Photo. All You Need Is A Golden Brown Biscuit To Put It On And Enjoy. You yourself can make some delicious strawberry jam. Yes you can.

Homestead Series How to Make Strawberry Jam

How To Make Strawberry Jam

Every year at this time when I start seeing strawberries being sold I start thinking about strawberry jam and strawberry shortcakes. Strawberry Jam with a golden brown biscuit is one of the most delicious things you'll ever eat. Making your first strawberry jam will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Homemade strawberry jam is truly the nectar of the God's. Especially if it's served on a just from the oven golden brown biscuit.

My Grandma used to take all day making the jam and then in the evening my Mom would make a big pan of biscuits and we would get to eat all the strawberry jam left in the pot that Grandma had not put into the jars. It was oh so wonderful. You have not lived until you have a big golden brown biscuit filled with butter and strawberry jam. And just the memory of it is so good it makes me tongue tied.

I don't know about you but I like to pick my own strawberries especially those that I'm going to be making jam with. I really do think it makes a difference. If the strawberries have been setting there in the baskets in the sun I think they lose just a little something.

Once you have your berries your going to want to hull the berries by removing the hulls. Resist eating as many of them as you can.You can change this recipe by dividing it or multiplying it if you want to.

1. 15 Cups Fresh Strawberries With The Hulls Removed.

2. 7 Cups White Granulated Sugar.

3. 1/2 Cup Lemon Juice.( Be Sure This Is Fresh Squeezed )

Instructions For Making Strawberry Jam.

You will want to put all your berries into a large stockpot and mash them with a potato masher while you bring your strawberries to a simmer over medium heat. I mash my strawberries up well but I leave some good size pieces. I like a few large pieces in the jam but not a lot.

Add The Remainder Of Your Ingredients To The Pot.

Now you will want to add your lemon and your sugar and stir everything up together. Pour your real lemon juice through a strainer so you don't accidentally get a seed into your jam. Be sure that you use fresh squeezed lemon juice in your jam.

Bring your pot up to a boil and let it cook for thirty minutes. You want to skim the foam off while it is cooking and discard the foam. Keep skimming the foam off while your cooking the jam. I use a large cooks spoon to keep skimming the foam off the top of the jam as it cooks.

Keep Testing Your Jam To Be Sure It Is Making Jam.

Keep testing the jam by pouring a little on a plate. If it runs like syrup its not yet ready. Keep cooking until it thickens. Once you know its thick enough remove from the heat and be sure to skim the foam off the top again.

You will want to boil your jars, lids, and rings and you'll want to remove the jars, lids, and rings with tongs. Ladle the jam into each jar leaving about a inch at the top of each jar. Be sure that you leave at least a inch space at the top of each jar to allow for expansion.

Be sure to clean any jam off your jars or jar rims with a clean paper towel. You want your finished jars of jam to be pretty.

Now use your tongs and place a lid that you have boiled onto each jar. Put the rings on the jar and tighten them down tight.

Your Jars Of Strawberry Jam Have To Take A Boiling Water Bath.

Place your sealed jars of strawberry jam in a boiling water bath and be sure they stay in the boiling water bath for 15 minutes. You need to use a metal rack in the bottom of the pot to keep the jars of strawberry jam off the bottom of the pot. You can't let the jars touch the bottom of the pot or the jars may crack.

Remove the jars of strawberry jam from the pot and set out on the counter or table on a towel. Listen for the pop of the jars sealing. Be sure that all your jars seal properly. Any jar that doesn't seal will have to be put in the refrigerator and used as soon as possible. But if you followed the above instructions your jars should all seal perfectly. Be sure that you read the instructions carefully and that your jars seal.

Be Sure That You Follow The Instructions Carefully.

As long as you follow the instructions you shouldn't have any problem at all and you should end up with some of the most wonderful strawberry jam that you will ever get to taste. Better get that big pan of golden brown biscuits ready.

It's very important that you pay careful attention to detail especially when your doing canning. You want your jars, jar lids, and jar rings to be very clean and you want to boil them to clean and sanitize them. Touch your jars only with your tongs until the lids are on the jars. This will keep any bacteria from being spread.

You need a large pot with a metal rack in the bottom to heat your jars of strawberry jam in. The rack in the bottom of the pot is very important so the jars of jam are not setting on the bottom of the pot. You can at a lot of hardware stores and online purchase a canning pot with a rack for the jars in the home canning pot.

Do Your Own Research

You need to do your own research and be sure that you know and understand everything you can about doing canning at home. You need to learn every thing you can about food safety and how you can do home canning safely.

Strawberry Freezer Jam.

Below in the video you can learn exactly how to make delicious strawberry jam that has a wonderful flavor and I'll let you in on a little secret. The Strawberry Freezer Jam will work wonderful on biscuits to. And it's really easy to make. Just follow the instructions in the video and enjoy the strawberry freezer jam. If you will click that link there you'll find another wonderful recipe for the strawberry freezer jam. Strawberry Freezer Jam is the easiest jam a person new to making jam can make. If you follow the instructions carefully anyone can make strawberry freezer jam.

Have You Ever Had Real Strawberries Dipped In Chocolate?

I guess you could say I'm obsessed with strawberries. Have you ever had fresh strawberries dipped in milk chocolate. If you haven't then you haven't really lived yet. You should go get some fresh strawberries and chocolate bark today and enjoy some chocolate dipped strawberries tonight. I make some chocolate covered strawberries as soon as the first strawberries get ripe in the spring. Be sure to serve or eat them with in a day or two of dipping the strawberry in chocolate.

Strawberry Flowers And Fresh Strawberries In This Photo.
Strawberry Flowers And Fresh Strawberries In This Photo.

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is a delightful combination of strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice and the above recipe will make some of the most delicious jam you will ever taste.Just follow the above recipe and you'll have wonderful strawberry jam.

You Can Easily Grow Your Own Strawberries.

You can if you wish grow your own strawberries. They really aren't that hard to grow. You can now buy some of the ever bearing strawberries that will bloom and produce strawberries for you all summer long. Check the internet or your local farm and garden center for strawberry plants. The ever bearing strawberries will provide you with fresh strawberries for most of the summer and all the way up into early fall. Just keep the weeds out of them and keep them watered and they will keep producing sweet juicy strawberries for you to enjoy.

Have you ever had a strawberry cobbler. I like to make them out of strawberries, sugar, and Bisquick topping and I end up with some of the best strawberry cobblers you will ever get to taste and enjoy.

Strawberries are easy to grow and you can grow them almost any where in the world. Strawberries need to be planted in full sun and you can plant them in the spring. Strawberry plants send out new shoots to start a new strawberry plant and you can carefully cut off that shoot and start a new strawberry plant. Strawberries have to have plenty of water but water them after the sun has gone down or before the sun comes up. If you water them when the sun is on them it will burn up your strawberries and maybe kill them. If you keep wateing them when the sun is on them they will die.

The ground where you plant your strawberries will need to be prepared carefully and before you plant the strawberry plants you need to add well rotted compost or well rotted manure to the soil and work it in. The soil where you plant your strawberry plants needs to be well drained. You can find raised beds or strawberry barrels to plant your strawberry plants in also.

There is nothing like going out in the back yard and picking your own delicious strawberries. I can't get over how delicious and sweet fresh grown strawberries are.

Strawberry Shortcakes

I have for you some of the most delicious recipes for strawberry shortcakes you will ever I eat. I truly do believe I make the best strawberry shortcakes in the world. I make my own biscuit shortcakes to make the shortcakes with and my secret is that I put strawberry jam inside the shortcakes on the biscuits when I put the strawberry shortcakes together and it gives the shortcakes a flavor you won't soon forget.

Thank You For Reading My Hub Page On Strawberry Jam And Strawberries.

I want to thank you for checking out my Hub Page on Strawberries and Strawberry Jam. I appreciate you reading my Hub Page and I hope you get to make some delicious strawberry jam real soon. To me strawberry jam is one of the most delicious things in the world.

Strawberry Freezer Jam

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