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How To Pressure Cook Meats And Save Time, Energy And Money

Updated on June 21, 2011

Convenience Of A Pressure Cooker

A modern pressure cooker is a must for every kitchen! Pressure Cooking is easy, non messy, and the fastest way to cook healthy and nutritious meals. The biggest advantage is that it saves you time and energy. It is especially convenient to cook your meat dishes, apart from being able to prepare rice, beans, lentils, poultry, fish and vegetables.

  • Meats such as beef, pork and lamb have longer cooking times when you cook over a stove using a vessel,and one needs to be alert and around while it is cooking to give it a stir or two. Using the pressure cooker over your electric or gas burner to cook your meats will be more beneficial to you. You save on cooking time.
  • Since you are cooking at a higher temperature under pressure, meat gets cooked faster, tender to the bone.
  • Harmful microorganisms are killed when meat is pressure cooked, making your meat safe for consumption.
  • It requires less water to cook and retains all flavor.
  • Vitamins and minerals are retained.
  • No wastage and no spilling means no mess.
  • Cooking times can be adjusted according to the type of meat and tenderness. Beef takes longer to cook than lamb and pork.

In short, pressure cooking your meats can be a healthier option and faster too. In addition, you use less gas or electricity, making it economical and once you set your cooker on the stove, you have time for other things, like spending quality time with family or preparing another dish. It is wise to choose your pressure cooker size according to the amount of meat you need to cook so as to optimize cooking time.

Investing in a couple of safe pressure cookers of different sizes according to the needs of your family is wise.

Pressure Cook Meats To Save Time And Energy

Cooking Times For Meats -A Rough Guide

Beef Stew
15-20 mins
Beef Meat Ball
10-15 mins
Beef Pot Roast
3-4 hrs
30 mins
Beef Spare Ribs
1-3 hrs
15 mins
Lamb Cubes
10-15 mins
Lamb Stew
10-15 mins
Lamb Leg
35-45 mins
Pork,Loin Roast
55-60 mins
Pork,Butt Roast
45-50 mins
Pork Ribs
20-25 mins
Veal Chops
5-8 mins
Veal Roast
35-45 mins

Smart Tips For Cooking Meats Using Your Pressure Cooker

If preparing a dry dish,brown the meat in hot oil to seal the juices before starting to pressure cook. Add just enough water or stock to cover the pieces and cook. Excess liquid can be reduced by heating, on opening the lid, once it is done.

If preparing a soup or gravy, add enough water to cover the pieces plus a little more. You can thicken them once done with cornflour paste or coconut milk. Do not thicken sauce before pressure cooking the meat as it can coat the bottom of the cooker and this deposit will interfere with heat dissipation and get burnt wherein the whole dish will acquire a burnt smell and taste.

Use a small cooker if you have a small quantity to cook. And a large one if cooking for a party. Small, medium or large , pressure cookers essentially are to be chosen according to one's family needs.


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