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Dining in Prestige Cruise Manila Bay - is it worth a try?

Updated on January 12, 2015
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Renz lives in the Philippines. He's passionate about food and created his own food blog, A Not-So-Popular Kid.

Last November 4, 2012 was the planned date for my family to use our voucher for a Prestige Cruise Merienda “Buffet”. We practically geared up for this (well, not much really), and got the camera ready. At this time, we still haven’t bought the DSLR that I’ve used in some of my blog posts in my blog. Yeah, it was definitely time for some family bonding!

The Prestige Cruise Inc. in Manila Bay Philippines
The Prestige Cruise Inc. in Manila Bay Philippines

My Excitement with Dining Cruises

Okay, to tell you the truth, I got pretty excited when my mom told us about this. And what added to my excitement was the fact that it would be my first time to ride a cruise. Hence, because of all these, my expectation for my experience was really high. And this got even more heightened by the Travel Lifestyle Channel (TLC) shows that I was able to watch prior to that.

Now, I just want to show to you a map of the place, so it would be easier for you to check the place out (if you decided to).

How to Get to the Prestige Cruise in Manila Bay?

The Prestige Cruise

We didn't have a hard time searching for the place since my dad is already knowledgeable about the place. But it took us about 10 minutes to search which among the ships there in the place was the Prestige Cruise. And apparently, it was one of the last ones there. So, now, we have reached the destination.

MV Eagle Cruiser of the Prestige Cruise Inc. in Manila Bay
MV Eagle Cruiser of the Prestige Cruise Inc. in Manila Bay

Expectation and Reality

Instantly, upon laying sight on the ship, my hopes shattered like a fragile glass. Every aspect of my expectation was far below par. And, there was this sudden feeling that I don’t like to get in anymore.

Why so? The ships looked the opposite of elegant as the rusts said their hello to everyone! The setting was really dull and a total lacklustre considering the plastic chairs and the unappealing tablecloth. In short, everything was really contrary to the image that I’ve built inside my mind.

But I guess it was my fault for being so disappointed. My mom only paid about P375 for each voucher? So, I should have adjusted my expectations, right? Well, too bad, I didn't Now, I can’t help but say that Prestige Cruise was really such a downer considering my high expectations!

Anyway, my mom already paid for the vouchers, and we were already there. So, I just shrugged it off, and convinced myself that this may still be great. #beingpositive

Okay, time to board the cruise!

Smooth Sailing

After we have boarded the cruise, it took about 20 minutes before it sailed off (which made us grew somewhat impatient during that time). But anyway, after it sailed off, the mood suddenly became lighter as if the breeze took all the weariness with it.

Sailing Manila Bay in Prestige Cruise!
Sailing Manila Bay in Prestige Cruise!


Living organisms in the aquatic environment can clean up the waters. Until the pollution reaches a critical level, water has the power to self purify due to a series of natural mechanisms known as filtration and oxidation. -

Sad Story: The unclean waters of Manila Bay
Sad Story: The unclean waters of Manila Bay

Picturesque View

As we sailed far off from the shore, my disappointment gradually died down (but not completely, of course) because of the amazing view. I was able to appreciate how calm it was to be in the middle of sea. Unfortunately, the water looks unclear, and therefore unclean, which saddened me greatly because, again, it just showed how uncaring we are towards Mother Nature who cradles us all.

What excited me a bit was seeing Mall of Asia from where we were. It felt so awesome viewing the mall at a different perspective (as in literally). Here’s the photo I was able to take off:

The Mall of Asia by Manila Bay
The Mall of Asia by Manila Bay

And it was also nice seeing the Ferris Wheel (still in Mall of Asia).

Ferris Wheel in the Mall of Asia
Ferris Wheel in the Mall of Asia

The Food

While my disappointment was slowly fading out, it suddenly spiked up again upon seeing the food that was being served in the buffet table. I’m not being so unkind, but honestly the food was not the way we expected it! I’ll show you the photo so you’ll get what I mean:

Food in the Prestige Cruise Dining in Manila Bay
Food in the Prestige Cruise Dining in Manila Bay

I mean the food tasted okay, but there was really nothing much special about it. And it actually dulled out in comparison with my mom’s or sister’s cooking (and possibly way better!). We were actually expecting that somehow they will serve great food to compensate for the lack of appeal of the entire cruise Including the setting, but the food was plain "okay".

Enough of the food and let's focus on something more worthwhile.

More Amazing View

The greatest thing that I experienced during the entire “trip” was seeing the sunset in Manila Bay. And goodness, it was really magnificent!

I was able to see how it turned from something like this, and to the photos following it. Just click on the thumbnails to see the amazing transition.

Spectacular Sunset in Manila Bay

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Just before the sun sets in Manila Bay!Yellowish sky as the sun sets in the Manila Bay!Reddish sky after sunset in Manila Bay
Just before the sun sets in Manila Bay!
Just before the sun sets in Manila Bay!
Yellowish sky as the sun sets in the Manila Bay!
Yellowish sky as the sun sets in the Manila Bay!
Reddish sky after sunset in Manila Bay
Reddish sky after sunset in Manila Bay

What are you most after in a Dining Cruise?

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Rate Prestige Cruise!

3 out of 5 stars from 4 ratings of Prestige Cruise

Really awesome right? And the view of the sky was really amazing since no buildings were obscuring your view.

Experience in a Nutshell

In my overall assessment, it seemed like what we truly paid for (or found genuine value in) was the experience of riding a cruise, not the ambiance and, unfortunately not the food either. If I would rate my experience it will be 2 out of 5 thanks for the fact that it was my first time to have such experience. With this, the chances of me going back there to dine again is very slim.


As for my recommendations, well I would generally say it that it is not recommended, but if riding a cruise is really your thing, why not, then? But if you’re reason for trying it out is the cruise itself and the food, well, it will be best for you to think it over.

Saying good bye: View from Prestige Cruise during Sunset in Manila Bay!
Saying good bye: View from Prestige Cruise during Sunset in Manila Bay!

© 2013 Renz Kristofer Cheng


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