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Processes And Practices Of Fast Food Restaurants

Updated on January 31, 2013

Whether it be McDonald's, KFC, Taco Bell and many other fast food restaurants can be quite unhealthy for people. But no matter who you are all of us at some point become weak willed and give in to our desire for something unhealthy. But just what are we eating and just how unhealthy is the food. This article examines the processes and practices used in these types of restaurants and on these foods.

McDonald's is by far the most popular food chain (and probably the most picked on by critics and sometimes consumers). But consider their chicken nuggets for a moment. They appear to be white meat but appearances can be deceiving before they're a chicken nugget, they're sometimes the most undesirable parts of the chicken ground up into a thick strawberry colored pink paste. Do you know how they end up white? They dye the chicken and if you're wondering why the chicken is always four different shapes, it's because they put the chicken into molds. Although this may not deter myself next time I am in the mood for a big mac it is certainly an unsettling practice to say the least. But as McDonald's does this it is almost a certainty that many other restaurants have followed suit.

How about the burgers you consume? Did you know that the meat is cleansed in factories with ammonia? These processes do seem extreme but processing plants do take possible contamination seriously. Unfortunately it isn't the most appetizing prospect when revealed to the general public. If interested in further information on these types of things and the effects these foods can have on the human body you may want to check out Food Incorporated or the documentary Supersize Me if you haven't already seen the films.

Wendy's has added Chili to their menu however the Chili is made from leftover burgers. Even some of the most healthy alternatives (or proclaimed to be by media and the restaurants themselves) don't always have the best practices. Recently I received a sub at subway that had blue spots in the meat and what is with their subs full of end tomatoes. There can't be that many end tomatoes out there and sometimes even for healthy restaurants good hygiene practices for their workers can make all the difference.

Commercially these types of restaurants will attempt to put a good spin on things. Their commercials feature healthy looking families attending the restaurants. Portraying overweight unhealthy individuals might be a little closer to the truth and of course might drive more of their customer base out the door. You also might notice that the burgers shown in the commercials look a lot nicer than the burger you actually receive. This is because they have workers find, use and accurately make symmetrical the best looking possible burger. Then they use things like paint, lacquer, and different types of sprays to make the burger appear as delicious as possible. Granted no one will eat this burger, it's all for the cameras, but it is a little misrepresentation.

In the long run the most healthy and least expensive choices can be found at your local grocery store. So don't take the easy way out and prepare or cook yourself something you know tastes great and is healthy for you.


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    • terrektwo profile imageAUTHOR

      Candle Hour 

      5 years ago from North America

      hehe I know what you mean :)

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      I always fall for the McDonald's hamburger commercial. They always look good in all the commercials on Sunday. They are never quite the same in person.


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