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Unreal Candy--Candy "Unjunked" Review

Updated on July 4, 2021
Unreal Candy: Candy "Unjunked"
Unreal Candy: Candy "Unjunked"

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a new candy in town and it is Unreal. Yes, it's really Unreal. I'm not pulling your leg. After you finish reading this review, I hope you'll be "hoofin' it" over to your nearest purveyor of sweet confections so you can try this "unjunked" candy.

Unreal Candy began as a spark of frustration in the mind of a young man named Nicky. Nicky had gone out on Halloween and come home with a bounty of candy. By morning, most of it was gone. His father had confiscated it because he didn't want Nicky eating too much unhealthy junk.

Nicky wanted to prove his father wrong--candy isn't good for you but it really isn't that bad, right? He did some extensive research to find out just what was so bad about candy. He discovered that his father was right, it was bad--even worse than he thought. Candy was full of chemicals: preservatives, dyes and imitation flavorings...all in the name of cheap. Cheap--so the candy companies could make a huge profit.

Nicky thought he could do better. With the help of his father and his brother, they decided to prove it. The proof is in the pudding--or as in this case, the proof is in the candy. Unreal Candyis made with natural ingredients: no GMO's, preservatives, corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils. It contains absolutely no artificial ingredients.

I stumbled across these gems near the back of the local drugstore. It was on a display in the painkiller aisle. While I agree that candy can be a painkiller at times, this candy should be featured at the front of the store. In fact, it should be featured at the front of all stores. This product represents what we should all be striving for: food products with all natural ingredients. Humans weren't meant to ingest chemicals.

Unreal Candy: Rear View
Unreal Candy: Rear View
Unreal #8
Unreal #8

Unreal #8 was the first package I opened. It's an interpretation of a famous candy bar that contains peanuts, caramel, nougat and chocolate. What a delight! This candy bar has real caramel, not that fake stuff. I can tell you it was really good, but that is an understatement. I tasted it before I'd even had a chance to do any research on the company and after I did the research, I understood why it was so good. You really should try this one. It's a little smaller than that "famous" bar, but it is far more satisfying.

Unreal #8: Ingredients and Nutritional Value
Unreal #8: Ingredients and Nutritional Value
Unreal #77
Unreal #77

After my palate was properly cleansed, I tried Unreal #77--peanut butter cups. These are slightly smaller than the famous version, but they are still very good. They don't have a lot of peanut butter. In my opinion, more peanut butter would be a good idea. As they are, though, they leave a pleasant peanut butter aftertaste on your tongue. The chocolate is soft and decadent. The bottom of the peanut butter cups are adorned with the Unreal logo.

Unreal #77: Ingredients and Nutritional Value
Unreal #77: Ingredients and Nutritional Value

I found this candy by accident and I'm very glad I did. I don't have a "sweet tooth" and I don't often buy candy. Frankly, the taste of the popular brands simply turns me off. It either has a chemical aftertaste or it tastes "waxy."

This candy was perfect. Nicky and his team have no plans to change the candy. What they do want to change is the packaging. It's not good for the environment, but since the candy has no preservatives, this is what they had to use. They are currently researching alternatives.

Please go to your local stores and look for this candy. It's should be available in many chain stores in America. Check out Unreal's website for a list of stores. Let's all support Nicky and make his dream a smashing success!

I can't wait to try the other versions of Unreal Candy. I hope this company is a huge success and that other companies will follow NIcky's example. That includes all food companies, not just candy companies. It's time to let them know that we want quality ingredients that are natural...just like we are.


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