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Quick Budget Foods for Large Crowds

Updated on February 4, 2012

Foods that are usually conducive to large crowds are normally foods that are usually cheap. These foods are typically found to have rice, pasta and beans, usually found among ethnic groups of color, yet have been turned and manipulated into the most delicious of meals that can be served anywhere, at anytime for any occasion.

These foods lend themselves to lots of flavors and can be dressed up or down depending on what you are trying to achieve. The versatility of these foods makes any cook, veteran or novice appreciative of their ease and quickness.

Personally i love them, especially pasta. They can be found in many cultures amongst many ethnic groups.

Tomato sauce

  1. Bought
  2. Homemade

Cheese sauce

  1. White sauce, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, a flour roux - butter &flour, heavy cream / milk
  2. Alfredo, jar

Butter sauce

  1. Saute, butter
  2. garlic
  3. salt & white pepper / black pepper




Meat lovers

  1. at least 3 types of meats, ground turkey, beef and pork or lamb
  2. tomato sauce
  3. cheese, optional
  4. veges

Cheese lovers

  1. at least 3 types of cheese
  2. tomato sauce
  3. veges


  1. cheese if allowed
  2. mushroom, tomato, garlic, onion, green pepper
  3. tomato sauce

Never underestimate what you can do with everyday foods that can be stretched and tweaked to create scrumptious recipes for large crowds. A lot of the recipes have to be simple but that is the great thing about large crowding pleasing recipes, they can be served to anyone and enjoyed by everyone.

Other top picks:

  • Flour, pancakes, ex plain or buttermilk, cakes and cookies, even breads
  • Rice dishes that include beans, veges and meat ex Paella
  • Potatoes, ex mashed potatoes or potato salad
  • Eggs, scrambled
  • Chicken stews, ex curry
  • Ground beef or turkey, ex chili
  • Beans, ex baked beans or bean soup

There are many more than just these but these are my top picks and usually stocked in my home because if i ever need a quick meal these are the most reliable. They can be cooked quickly and are fulfilling, satisfying to the one who is enjoying the meal.

These items are usually the most inexpensive food items you can find in the grocery store. But with the right recipe they can be simple or exotic and oh so satisfying to your budget and as well as your stomach.


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