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Quick Cooking

Updated on June 30, 2013
Iftar Recipe
Iftar Recipe

Sometimes we don’t have enough time to prepare food in a lot of time. We need to do our cooking work as early as possible to complete our other responsibilities. As the Ramadan is coming, Pakistani women become frustrated in selecting Iftar menu and preparing Iftar recipes after spending a lot of time with the fast. So, here is the solution, there are some recipes that you can prepare within an hour or even earlier. Also your family and the visitors will love this:


Salad is a tasty and healthy meal, especially in summer when you are too exhausted. Are you bored up of having the same green salad with some vinegar? You can add a change by adding different ingredients. If you are interested in sweeter taste in salads, you can add some fruits in it. You can also add cucumber, red and yellow peppers, and carrots to make it colorful and attractive for others, if you are making it for some visitors. You can make it healthier by adding boiled eggs and mozzarella.

You can prepare a healthier sauce by mixing beaten yogurt, , little oil, little drops of vinegar, and liquefied cottage cheese. You can easily liquefy cottage cheese with the help of milk.

You can add spaghetti and macaronis in your salads. It will bring a change in your regular salads. Prepare such ingredients at the same time and then mix all the ingredients together.

Vegetables and fruits:

You can also cook fruits if you have less time for cooking. Fruits can be ready within minutes. You can cook fruits in vegetable style.

Vegetables also do not require much time to be cooked. Some vegetables take less time to be cooked than others. A Numerous number of vegetables do not take your time a lot, all you have to do is to rinse, slice, and cook. The good thing with such vegetables is that, even if you have cut large pieces, they'll be cooked quickly and you don’t have to stand there for a lot of time. Some of the vegetables that do not require much preparation are cucumbers, potatoes, mushrooms, brinjal, avocados, and many more.

These all tips can be used generally to get ready meal faster. Neither they would distress the good savor nor reduce the overall nutritional rate of your food. Also this addition to iftar menu will be outstanding.


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