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Quick and easy Chicken and dumplings

Updated on October 11, 2010
Chicken and Dumplings. Copyright 2010 EABuchen.
Chicken and Dumplings. Copyright 2010 EABuchen.

Chicken & Dumplings comfort food

Hi y'all! I'm glad to be here with y'all for another affordable and easy recipe for lunch or dinner that the whole family will enjoy. Now the easiest way for this recipe to work is for you to buy one of those rotisserie chicken's you can buy at the super market. It makes a great meal with some potatoes or you can peel some of the chicken onto a salad and have a nice chicken salad. Another way to get your chicken is of course to buy some boneless breasts that you will cook up prior to making this dish. Either way you'll need to have some cooked chicken on hand for this recipe lol.

Now let's assume that we're using the rotisserie chicken left overs from the night before. The carcass of the chicken should have some meat left on it :) Now here's the ingredients for y'all and then we'll get busy cooking.


1) Carcass of a rotisserie chicken (with meat on it) or meat from cooked boneless chicken breast.

2) Refrigerated biscuits (in tube).

3) Two cans of cream of chicken soup.

4) Three stalks of celery (chopped)

5) Three carrots (chopped)

6) One medium sweet onion (chopped)

7) Salt and Pepper for taste

8) Corn starch for thickening of sauce

9) Chicken bouillon powder (dissolves better than the cubes)


1) Place the chicken carcass in a large soup pot and cover half way with water. Add a couple of pinches of salt to the water and bring it to a boil. This will make your chicken stock, boil for approximately 30 minutes.

1b) If you chose to use the boneless chicken breasts instead of the left over rotisserie chicken you can just pan fry the breasts in a tsp of cooking oil until firm and white. Then set aside. Continue with the recipe and just substitute the breasts of chicken where the recipe calls for the rotisserie chicken :)

2) While the chicken is boiling, chop all your vegetables up and set them aside.

3) After approximately 30 minutes of boiling, remove the chicken carcass from the large soup pot. Strain the broth through a wire strainer to remove any bones from the broth and put back into the soup pot after strained. Allow the chicken carcass to cool a bit on a cutting board.

4) Add two tsp of chicken bouillon powder and your chopped veggies to the chicken stock in the large pot. Bring these ingredients back to a rolling boil.

5) Once the meat has cooled enough to the touch begin pulling the meat off the chicken bones being careful to not miss any fine chicken bones. Set the meat aside and continue to strip the carcass until your satisfied its cleaned off enough then just throw the carcass into a small sack and tie it off.

6) When done with the meat stripping, add the chicken meat to the chicken stock and the veggies currently low boiling on the stove. Mix three Tbsp of corn starch into 2/3 cup of "cold" water, stir and dissolve it well then pour it into the chicken stock slowly and stir until the liquid begins to thicken.

7) Add the two cans of cream of chicken soup and stir until velvety smooth, salt and pepper to taste. Pop your can of refrigerated biscuits and cut each bicuit into 1/4's (quarters). Drop each 1/4 cut biscuit into the broth, cover with a lid and reduce the heat. Cook for approximately 30 minutes.

Makes about Four servings. Serve with a salad and Ice tea. Makes a wonderful "comfort" meal for a chilly night.

Tips: To even speed this recipe up further you can do a bit of pre-prep work when you have your rotisserie chicken dinner the night before. After dinner while the meat is still warm on the bone go ahead and pick the carcass clean and put the meat in a zip lock bag until you need it for this recipe. If you do this you can skip the carcass boiling procedure in the instructions and to get your stock base just buy a large can of chicken stock instead.


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    • Brigitte Thompson profile image

      Brigitte Thompson 5 years ago from Austin, TX

      Looks yummie! - Great Hub

    • SusieQ18174 profile image

      Elizabeth 6 years ago from TX

      @ scartaff, Hope you tried this dish and loved it. I;ll post some new ones very soon

    • scarytaff profile image

      Derek James 7 years ago from South Wales

      This sounds great, SusieQ. I will try it.