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Simple and Quick Hors D'oeuvres at Home and to Share With Friends.

Updated on February 19, 2020
Cristal Canario profile image

I am a culinary graduate. I've always had a passion for food, and I love sharing that passion by showing some of my delicious recipes.


Hors d'oeuvres! Or a small bite food. This is one recipe that I created back when I was in school for a cheese menu. This is very simple to make and you can always change the recipe but this is my version of it. This sweet and savory cheese bites will take you to a whole other world where you will try out different flavor profiles. Such as the salty cheese and jam?! Yeah, that's right. But trust me when I say it's delicious and if you're down to try something out of your comfort zone then keep on reading!

Poppy seeds crackers with brie cheese and jam



- When building a hors d'oeuvres which is originally the name of this small dish you are looking for crunch, soft, salty, or sweet flavors. Even though not all of them are the same, you could create a sweet hors d'oeuvres but it is recommended if you have something crispy or a little salty even if it's nuts, just to throw you off and make you experience different flavors. Same thing goes to making savory bites.

Down to the point

I'm just going to get down to the point and tell you how I created this little dish. I used poppy seed crackers, you can use any crackers you like whether you're into something sweeter or if you want to stick to the recipe and if you don't have the poppy seed crackers then you can use regular salty crackers. The jam comes from the Lingonberry plant although lingonberry is a medicinal plant it it very delicious due to it's sweet and sour flavor. As an alternative you could use either raspberry jam or strawberry jam, we are trying to build the same flavor profile at least when it comes to sweet and sour which is something we need for this little bites. Also we have the brie cheese, It's an aged, soft, cheese that melts in your mouth, though I don't recommend leaving it out for long since the cheese it's very soft and creamy and things could get messy... Also the cashews, this are regular cashews, they're not salted or anything, we are looking for some crunch and different flavors. There isn't much magic or tricks to this dish, you can build it however you want though if you want to do it how it looks on the picture then that's totally fine.


"Hor d'ouvres: a ham sandwich cut into forty pieces"

-Jack Benny.


Poppy seeds crackers
Lingonberry jam
Brie cheese 17g

Herbed Blue cheese with Blackberry and apple



-1 Apple

- blackberries

-blue cheese



This is another simple hors d'oeuvre that I made at school, so what I did here was cut the apple in a quater moon size and left it in water with lemon so that it will stop it from oxydating. I cut the sip of the blackberries so that I could use it as a base for the blue cheese. Now for the cheese I mixed it with with some chopped thyme, I don't need to add anything else because the cheese already has it's flavor. I made little balls with the herbed blue cheese and for garnish and presentation I put it on top of the blackberry, the apple on the side and drizzed everything with honey. Of course you could plate it however you desire, this was a school presentation which is why it looks kinda fancy.

White cheddar cheese with strawberries


Ingredients and directions

Our ingredients are:

-White cheddar cheese


As you can see this is only has 2 ingredients and it's super simple and quick to make. First we shred some white cheddar cheese and since it's sticky you can make little balls and smash them carefully. If you have parchment paper to put the cheese it would be nice but if you don't no worries, you can oil a tray and put them there, make sure it's well-oiled the cheese chips are very sensitive and they could easily break when you take them out. Put the tray with the cheese in the oven at 350°F for at least 5mins. Check constantly because they are super easy to burn, once you see the edges browning then you will know your chips are ready. Take it out and let it cool. While the chips are cooling, you can cut little squares of cheese to put on the cheese chips and you can start cutting a strawberry in half. Once the chips are cooled separate them from the tray. Everything is done so you can garnish however you want. Another suggestion would be making a sauce out of the strawberry, with just some water and sugar, let it reduce and you can spred that on the cheese chip. Once again, when we are talking about hors d'oeuvres we want crunch, a little bit of sweet and salty. This are easy to make dishes and they are for any occasion whether you're just craving them or if you want to prepare them to impress a crowd. Enjoy!!!


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