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Quick and Easy Cinnamon Flavored Coffee

Updated on February 6, 2015

A Tasty Beverage

Here is a quick and easy recipe to give your coffee a nice cinnamon flavor.

If you have ever tried adding cinnamon, or even cinnamon mixed with sugar, to coffee you know that the cinnamon simply floats to the top of the coffee and doesn't really flavor it.

To get cinnamon flavor into the coffee you have to add it to the ground coffee before you brew it.

Simply put the usual amount of ground coffee into the grounds holder, then sprinkle cinnamon over the top.

For better distribution, you can carefully mix the cinnamon into the coffee in the filter container.

The more you add, the stronger the flavor but, if you are using a paper filter, be careful not to add too much as the finely ground cinnamon will plug up the holes in the filter thereby reducing the amount of coffee that is brewed.

Then brew the coffee and enjoy.

How Do You Like Your Coffee

Do you enjoy drinking coffee flavored with cinnamon or other flavors?

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© 2006 Chuck Nugent


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I use Ceylon Cinnamon as it contains very less coumarin compared to Cassia. I buy the Ceylon Cinnamon sticks and dip a stick in my tea and coffee cup. The Cinnamon sticks is also used to stir the cuppa.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      @ livelonger - I simmer 2 cinnamon sticks with water (sometimes i add ginger and cloves) for about 20 minutes. I drink that by itself like tea or I use this water to steep ready made tea bags. It tastes awesome and makes the whole house smell amazing!

    • profile image

      how to get rid of eczema 

      9 years ago

      Thanks a lot for that. I am always experimenting with my coffee so this is a new one to try..

      You can also try coffee and hot chocolate mix :) really good!

    • profile image

      toothache pain relief 

      10 years ago

      thanks for a nice hub!

    • profile image

      Mike Chronos 

      10 years ago

      If you have a one cup coffee maker, that would be a great way to get only one type of coffee for you and another person, but flavor it to the individual's preference.

    • Chuck profile imageAUTHOR

      Chuck Nugent 

      10 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      Glenn, Thanks for the comment and for sharing.

      While I like cinnamon, I regret to say that I am not the connoisseur that you are. I just checked my cupboard and I currently have the Kirkland brand of cinnamon from Costco. I think the cinnamon in the picture above was also from Costco but another brand.

      Until I saw your comment I wasn't aware that there was that much difference between cinnamon. But now you have me thinking that maybe I should shop around some when it is time to buy more cinnamon.

      Thanks again for your informative comment.


    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Let me say first, I go through a lot of cinnamon... it has some health benefits as well as being one of my favorite flavors. I love cinnamon in my coffee, but not all cinnamon is created equal. The one I've found works best as an addition to my coffee grounds is Pampered Chef brand, but it's a bit pricey for me and you can't just run to the grocery store to buy it. Right now I have an 18 oz. bottle of Tones brand in the pantry (I told you I go through a lot). It's fine in my breakfast smoothie and tastes great on the small portion of desert I allow myself each evening. In the coffee... a big nothing. I have even gone so far as blending the Tones' cinnamon into the grounds in the canister so the flavor can "fuse" with the coffee. Four rounded tablespoons to about half a canister (the Maxwell House plastic jug) of coffee. And yes, that is enough to begin to plug the paper filter, so I believe that's as much as I dare add. So Chuck, what brand of cinnamon do you find works well? I'm williing to lay in a supply of just about anything that works, as long as it doesn't break the budget.

    • internpete profile image

      Peter V 

      10 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

      Wow! My mom told me about this not long ago and it gives your coffee such a nice taste! I am surprised to find others enjoying this as well!

    • Chuck profile imageAUTHOR

      Chuck Nugent 

      11 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      Dottie1 - glad you enjoyed your coffee. I have always liked cinnamon in my morning coffee as well.

    • Dottie1 profile image


      11 years ago from MA, USA

      I was searching for recipes using cinnamon and came across this hub so I decided to give it a try. Had my first cup of cinnamon flavored coffee this morning. mmm mmm good. Thanks.

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      I have never even had cinnamon flavored coffee before. I'll give it a try to for sure use your suggestion for the preparation. Thanks again

    • Chuck profile imageAUTHOR

      Chuck Nugent 

      13 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      I have never tried it in tea. But it sounds good. The only thing I can think of is to use bulk tea and mix some cinnamon with the tea and brew it using one of those old fashioned tea strainers that they used before commercial tea bags.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 

      13 years ago from San Francisco

      Great how do you make it work for tea? ;-)


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