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RC’s Amazing Mahi Mahi Fish and Cheese Sandwich

Updated on June 5, 2011

RC Mahi Mahi sandwiches

Sandwiches ready to enjoy
Sandwiches ready to enjoy

Mahi Mahi spiced and spread on pan

evenly place spices across fish on broiling pan
evenly place spices across fish on broiling pan

divide fish evenly on sandwiches

add lettuce and your choice of sauce
add lettuce and your choice of sauce

Russ Cochran’s receipt for one of the best broiled fish sandwich you have ever eaten


If you love sea food and are looking for something different that will have your family begging for more you really need to check out this unique Mahi Mahi Sandwich meal. This fast and easy meal that can go from frozen to complete in 30 minutes or less and along with being nutritious it is absolutely delicious.

 With the high cost of Sea Food at the restaurants and grocery stores, here is a way to have a special meal for 4 people for less than twenty dollars. That’s right a Mahi Mahi Sea food sandwich meal for 4 people, so you virtually feed a family a great sea food for the price of hamburger.

What you will need:

1.       16 oz frozen Mahi Mahi boneless filets

2.       Spray Canola oil non stick

3.       1 head of lettuce

4.       Ground Lemon pepper seasoning

5.       Ground Cumin

6.       Blacken fish magic mix

7.       Basil leaf finely chopped

8.       Tartar or seafood sauce

9.       Choice of chips

Directions for Frozen fish preparation

Rub Preparation

In a small sauce bowl, mix the following with a small Wisk until completely mixed:

¼ teaspoon cumin

1 ½ teaspoon lemon pepper

½ teaspoon of Basil leaf

½ teaspoon of blacken redfish magic


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Using a 2 piece 10 x 14 oven broiling pan spray both portion with canola spray.  Place fish evenly across pan and place in preheated oven. Allow frozen fish to cook for approximately 10 minutes and turn.  Once you turn the fish at the twenty minute mark sprinkle the Fish Rub lightly and evenly across the filets. Return to oven and cook approximately 15 minutes or until filets are light and flakey.


While you waiting on filets to cook, place sesame seed buns open faced on a bread pan, on the open face bun I like to place a half of piece of sliced American cheese on each half before placing in toaster oven.  Place in toaster oven until bread is to desired browning or until cheese begins to melt.

Once filets are done, divide pieces evenly among the sandwich buns, place lettuce and your choice of toping tartar sauce, horseradish sauce or cocktail sauce. (I prefer tartar sauce) Cocktail sauce is also a great choice for this sandwich. You also may want to add a couple of slices of dill pickles to the sandwich or add couple pickle wedges to the side.

Either way, put this sandwich together and enjoy!


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