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Raising Prices due to Power and Water Shortage.

Updated on February 7, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

We don't buy these Chilly's,We grow ( My Wife actually.I take Pictures for my HUB.

We grow these Gold Leaf for our Sambar. (We call it Honagone Soppu.)

We donate these Curry Leaf,so much from one tree.

This is one Bunch of Curry Leaf,like this may be 100.We use a few pieces of these leaf for our use,rest donated.

We eat hardly any of these Betal Leaves rest goes for our friend who keeps stock of these leaves in her mouth except when she is not eating or sleeping.It is ta

Alu Veera we grow for our moisterrizing.

Coconut Trees from Kerala Planted 20 years back gives us 400 coconuts per tree per year.

One more of the 4 trees in our Compound.

We need not buy flowers for our daily pooja if this plant starts giving flowers.

One Flower is too many.

Power and Water Shortage Push up Vegetable Prices.

Vegetables are grown in rural areas and there is always power shortage and water in many areas but market is full of all kind of Vegetables and flowers ib plenty.

There is one more reason for prices to go up and that is petrol and disel now being hiked again and again it will reach three digits any time.

What should we do to control the rising prices of OUR need VEGETABLES.

Grow Some.

My wife grows few and never buys them.

Curry Leaves - Try to buy a bunch they call One Kattu it costs Rs.15.The daily need Will at at least Rs.3,Our tree has so much that we tell our cook to take few.Even than some times we give it to our meals supplier,who gives us meals when ever we feel like having a change as do not like to go to the hotel near by due to hygienic problems we see there but can't speak anything.When I asked the hotel owner if heath Inspectors,he said sure they do come to take their monthly fixed bribe however clean he may be.

Green Chilly's - We cannot prepare our meals with dry red chillys which can be stocked for a year.Our cooking must show green chilly on anything that is hot only to be thrown away to a corner of our plate.No body will eat a green chilly however small it is.In fact we search to take it out and throw it.Our Lady's too need them.Fed up I told my wife to grow them and just one small plant has grown so much we don't need them.We allow it to turn red on the plant and eat it after putting it in mixer and grinder with other stuff that goes in to making the Sambar Masala.The Red Chilly is supposed to help reduce ARTHERITIS problem.

The Honagone Soppu or the leaves of the plant are simply coming up effertlesly,so we just make it a habbit to use them once in 15 days when on 15th of each month we do not buy any vegetanles.

I F A ll Family DoEs NoT BuY oNe dAy in A mOnTh PRICES WILL BE DOWN.

The Other Vegetables that we grow but are yet to come up now are Tomoto,Bitter Gourd, Brinjals and Coriander Leaves.

We have plenty of Alu Vera plants that can be used for any thing that it can take whether internal or external this is a wonder plant.No need for any pesticides organic or chemical as it grows even with out water.It has no fat,no calories and can be used as a cure for burns or applied as a moisturizer for our body.

Flowers - Yes they are more than vegetables though we can grow vegetables more but our needs being very limited we cannot grow as it should be grown and looked after.

Coconuts - They are plenty  - 400 per year per tree 4 trees & 1,600 Coconuts.


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