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Ratatouille Hash | The Cupboard Drawer Recipe Book

Updated on September 25, 2011

Here is a beef hash from “The Cupboard Drawer”. Variations can be tastily done with ground Pork, Chicken, Turkey, even Spam. Serve it with Hash Browns, or Tater Tots, for a good ol’ Fry Up. Sprinkle with shredded cheese of your choice depending on the meat. Cheddar with Beef, Mozzarella with Pork, Swiss with fowl, and mix em up with Spam; NO matter what you decide Do Enjoy!!

1 Lb Lean Ground Beef (95% Lean or better)

2 Cloves Garlic, Crushed

1 tsp Basil

1 tsp Thyme

1 tsp Salt

1 Large Onion sliced

1 Medium Green Bell Pepper, seeded and cut into thin strips

1 small Egg Plant, cut into 1 inch chunks

1 can (16 oz) tomatoes, cut up (reserve the liquid)

  1. In a large skillet over medium high heat, cook the beef, garlic, basil, and thyme, stirring to break up the meat until browned. Remove from skillet w a slotted spoon to a serving dish.
  2. Add onion, green pepper, and egg plant to the drippings in the skillet. Sauté about 5 minutes, or until veggies are still crisp but tender. Drain off the fat if necessary.
  3. Return the beef to the skillet with the tomatoes, salt and reserved tomato liquid, simmer over low heat stirring occasionally for 10 mins to allow flavors to blend.
  4. Return to serving dish and serve with crusty bread (Like French Bread).

Yield 4-6 Servings (2-3 IF you are feeding big eaters)


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    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 7 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Sweetie 1 - Yes ma'am Chicken will work with this one, quite well Thanks for stopping by and let us know how it comes out thanks! Do Enjoy!!

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 7 years ago from India

      It must be a nice dish but i would not try it as beef is not allowed in our religion , so can i replace beef with chicken?

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Dame Scribe Thanks for stopping by You're very welcome!

      Gus Hadn't had much luck with the email kind so I cut the canned kind into shavings and sub for the ground beef!

      To All Do Enjoy...

    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 8 years ago from USA

      Big John - Is that canned spam or is it the stuff I get in my eMail all the time?


    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 8 years ago from Canada

      Cool, another addition to my secret kitchen recipe stash! :) thanks!

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      50 Cal Thanks my friend! Glad to here they like them! Thanks for Coming By!

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 8 years ago from Arizona

      Hmrjmr1, I was here! I have to confess I'm a carnivore, and never learned to like my veggies, past taters, corn, peas of the purple hull and black eyes. I'll forward this to a friend who has been using some of your recipes I forward and says they are tasty.

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Peggy W & Lorlie Thanks For Stopping By and Do Enjoy!!

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 8 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      Sounds perfect for a yummy breakfast on a chilly day.

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Putz - Thanks my friend! Do Enjoy!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Anything with those ingredients should be good. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Putz Ballard profile image

      Putz Ballard 8 years ago

      Now thats my kind!

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      BPOP - Another twist of a good base recipe. My Mom had a flair for that, though I take to another level with SPAM. Thanks! and Do Enjoy!!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 8 years ago

      I make ratatouille a lot, but this is a new twist I'll have to try. Thanks..