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Raw Milk: Still A Healthy Choice

Updated on June 17, 2015
Raw Milk
Raw Milk

Let the raw milk battle begin

For years, the safety of raw milk has been pushed into the spotlight by the FDA and has been seen as a hunt to seek out and destroy family farms and get rid of healthy wholesome products. In 2011, along with other raids of organic farms, a farm called Rawesome Foods of Los Angeles hit the headlines nationally and worldwide.

Some thought they were made an example of for the second time when an S.W.A.T. force raided and busted them. The owner, James Stewart, and several others were arrested, and this is where the issue of raw milk was forced into the public arena.

We live in a consumer-based societies, and there must be food safety rules. But where exactly is the line drawn in the balance of Federal regulation and outright witch-hunts to destroy these small family farms?

Before pasteurization, we did see bacterial contamination from raw milk and other raw foods. However, back then they did not have available the technology we have today to test the product microscopically and the refrigeration capabilities that we have today.

But, let’s be honest. Even with these safety nets in place, it’s all about the politics and monopolization of the industry. The proponents of raw food say that the regulatory agencies run a corrupt agenda and claim that they are out to destroy the raw food and milk industries.

Is it safe to consume?

Raw food, including raw milk, can make a person ill with undesirable bacteria present. However, today we seem to be putting food into our bodies that are completely dead and void of any immune boosting, beneficial microbes.

Amazingly enough, there have been NO reported deaths related directly from raw milk in the US since records starting being kept in the early 70’s. Its counterpart, pasteurized milk has been linked to 77 deaths. Isn’t that interesting? Many of these deaths have been swept under the rug.

The benefits of raw milk

Those growing up in rural areas are given the opportunity to partake of raw milk right out of the cow. They agree that the flavor of the raw milk is by far superior to that of pasteurized milk. Pasteurized milk is thin, slightly putrid and bland.

Raw milk is thick, rich and sweet-tasting. Also, with processing, pasteurized milk possesses no immune boosting properties due to the destruction of the health benefits during this process. This process kills all living enzymes that raw milk has.

Raw milk possesses beneficial properties that fight against certain conditions, such as asthma, allergies, immune disorders, and many more. Another thing is, that people that are lactose intolerant tolerate raw milk without any effects that are seen when consuming pasteurized milk products.

Last words

The battle against raw milk has died down a bit, but it is still illegal in most states for the retail sale of raw milk. Some states do allow the direct sale from the farm where it is produced, however.

The hope is that some day these rules and regulations change and they can view raw milk as a nutritious, safe, and profitable product. Until then, those lucky enough to have access to these farms that sell raw milk and can reap the benefits of raw milk will continue to buy and support the industry.

What do you think?

Is raw milk dangerous?

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