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Top 7 Reasons To Not Drink Coffee

Updated on August 12, 2016
Scared yet? Well you shouldn't be :)
Scared yet? Well you shouldn't be :)

A little information about coffee

Coffee is one of the largest selling or trade commodities in the world next to petroleum. Most coffee are not grown on a large-scale but on a small-scale family business. Coffee trees are not hard to grow providing some understanding on how to do it. Most or all coffee trees need areas that do not have winter weather. There are many coffee tree plants but not much coffee plant to cultivate which makes those that can very important. Coffee is grown all over the countries worldwide and Brazil is the largest region for the production of coffee. The trees usually take about three to four years to mature and about one pound of roasted coffee per tree which is a small amount. But it can yield quite a lot when harvested in enormous amounts at a time but the ratio per pound is still low compared to other crops.

Coffee anyone?

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Some negatives about coffee

Most of us wake up in the morning to a cup of freshly made coffee to jumpstart the day. With all those new research and benefits, it’s almost a need to have it in the morning. But what about the negatives of drinking coffee? All benefits and no negatives seem a little too good to be true. There is stuff that really has no negative effect but is coffee one of them? We love to see the positive side of things that we love, which is beyond coffee. But since we are talking about coffee and there was an article about the top 5 benefits of coffee, it would not be right to just talk about the good and not the bad. So, in this article we will focus on the negatives and more negatives to see what readers think and how it will affect your daily drinking routine.

As of now most of the positives outweighs the negatives by a tremendous margin. The negatives are not too bad for most people and some of those that are affected by it already have other issues of their own to work on, not just coffee. In a national study, about 75% of the total population drink coffee and more than 55% of that drink coffee daily. Coffee is like candy for adults but better, the caffeine helps to keep them awake and alert. The taste is overwhelming with such wonderful aroma. The drawback is that some of its benefits become negative to certain people with health issues.

Here is a list:

  • Cholesteerol is an issue in unfiltered coffee. Technically this should not be a problem because many people use filters and that removes most of the chemical that boost cholesterol. But there are those who preferred to use the percolator which is filter free and will not remove LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol which is the bad. And a high level of LDL cholesterol can cause cardiovascular disease. If you use non filtered coffee makers, you should get a cholesterol check every so often to make sure that your blood is good or lessen the amount of coffee you normally use in a filtered one.
  • Dehydration is fairly common to coffee drinkers, the more coffee intake the more you need to urinate because coffee contains a substance that will increase urine production. In hot weather areas where you keep sweating but still need that jumpstart with coffee it would be wise to drink more water to replenish the body as the body is made up most of water and cannot afford to run low, especially during exercises. If water is not accessible, then any beverage which does not contain caffeine should be fine.
  • Blood pressure sky rockets, but anything with caffeine will do this. The effects are temporary but to some this temp effect can still be damaging and can result in far worse consequences. Although coffee helps in controlling diabetes in some ways, getting through the blood pressure obstacle is a bit tricky. The Mayo clinic had a study associated with coffee and recommended that those with high blood pressure limit their consumption of coffee to a maximum of 24 oz. a day. If you do physical labor or exercises, you have to be wary as they will both raise your heart rate and blood pressure naturally. So coffee might not be a choice of beverage in this case.
  • Sleeping disorders can also result from too much caffeine. It is already known that caffeine can keep us up that is why we drink it during the times we need to be up and alert not when we are about to go to bed. Other than that, caffeine also becomes addictive. Too much of anything is bad, but when you can’t sleep this creates a whole new problem. Early to bed early to rise is not going to happen if you pack too much caffeine. So little things like this needs to be reconsidered so it will not get worse.
  • Acidity level raises and can cause problems like ulcers and impaired digestion. This is something that will vary from person to person. This is not induced by caffeine but what the coffee chemicals are made of and its effects to certain people.
  • Risk of sterility, yes there is a chance but low, it lowers the sperm count tremendously. But no worries, it is reversible if you stop the caffeine intake or even just lower the coffee intake. This has been detected from a lot of people who drank a lot of coffee in a day, a lot meaning 6 or more cups.
  • It stains your teeth. This might not be that big of a deal but some people view this as an issue. Too much coffee makes your teeth yellowish and some people don't like it. That might be one of the reasons dentists are there but you need to remember, teeth whitening or bleaching is also bad. So either way, too much is always bad.

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Might not be so bad

All the negatives that are listed here are inclusive of all the things mentioned but are not limited to. The negative effects of coffee can easily be avoided if you understand what it can and cannot do. You just need to be mindful of whatever it is that you intake in your body. May it be coffee or something else.

Coffee is like the controversy of coconut oil, remember where they put out so much news about how bad coconut oil is and to stay away from it, and now they try to convince otherwise. Same thing with coffee, they claimed how bad coffee is and now they are trying to convince people what benefits it holds. This changes everything hence there are a lot more coffee houses or shops these days. Coffee being the second largest commodity next to petroleum might have something to do with the change too. Money might be one of the reasons why coffee became such a hot commodity? The main point here though is that coffee does indeed have more benefits to those who are free of any serious medical conditions. It can help those with serious medical conditions provided they can control their diet properly and consistently. Most natural medicine failed not because the medicine is ineffective but because of people's inability to stick to whatever it is that is required of them.

There is much more to coffee than it being just another drink, so for many that is looking for the benefits, and not the negatives, be wary what you add to your coffee and how much. The best thing you need to take into consideration to avoid the most negative effect of coffee is to probably drink it black and use a filter to remove the LDL cholesterol. Always take coffee in its most basic form to get the best out of it.

Another thing that you might like to keep in mind when drinking coffee is to use common sense at all times. Perfect example, do NOT drink coffee if you are pregnant, caffeine has many different types of effects in your body let alone a baby in your tummy. If you are expecting, last thing you want to do is something that you are not sure about. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


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