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Recipe - Food from Palestine - Mish Salad

Updated on July 20, 2012

This is a very simple recipe which is not commonly known and often only found in rural areas of Palestine.

It probably is used predominantly to use up sour yoghurt and can be used as a snack with middle eastern bread or rice, or used as a sauce to have with grilled meat etc.

Unlike many Yoghust salads which aim to cool, the inclusion of hot pepper in this one adds a definite 'kick'


500 gms Sour Yoghurt
One hot green pepper
One lemon
One Tomato
Olive Oil


1) Roughly chop the pepper, tomatoes and lemon into pieces and then add to the sour yoghurt

2) Add Olive Oil and salt to taste

It's as simple as that, but very tasty. You can leave this overnight in the fridge which will increase the taste and though maybe not authentic, you could add a variety of middle eastern style ingredients to pad this out and make into more of a main meal.

Some suggested additions could be:

Grilled aubergine/courgettes (zuchini)
Broad beans
Chick peas
Halloumi cheese

The list is really endless and I suspect that in rural communities, dishes such as this are used to use it left over ingredients, so don't be too fixed in your recipe .. just experiment and enjoy!


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