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Recipe For Crepes

Updated on June 15, 2010


  • One Egg
  • One Cup of Milk
  • Half a Cup of Flour
  • Tablespoon of melted butter.

** For a bigger batch just increase the ingredients but keep the ratio's the same.

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. It's a meal that is half dream like, half reality; half of us don't even have the time to eat breakfast It's an unfortunate consequence for having a busy life, a job to get to in the morning, or whatever other kind of errand that needs to be done; it's unfortunate because it can have a drastic effect on the rest of the day.

And that's why it's vital to find a breakfast that is easy to make and has all the nutrients for a succefull day.

And that's also why Crepes are a great breakfast food. Crepes are easy to make, easy to eat - and well, they taste pretty good.

Here is a recipe on how to make crepes:


Eggs, Milk, Flour
Eggs, Milk, Flour
Before you roll it into a crepe.
Before you roll it into a crepe.
The finished product.
The finished product.

Step One:

Choose the amount of eggs and milk you're going to use for your batch. If you want enough to make six or seven pancakes I suggest using two eggs and two cups of milk. If it's just for yourself, however, just use the 1:1 ratio.


Step Two:

Add HALF on the amount of flour that you used for the eggs and milk. So if you used one cup of milk, use half a cup of flour.


Step Three:

The fun part. Beat/mix the ingredients until the entire mixture is smooth; this part shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.


Step Four:

Melt a tablespoon of butter and add it to the mixture. Stir briefly.


Step Five:

Put the mixture to the side, and heat up a frying pan to three-hundred and fifty degrees. This will cook the pancakes quickly, so if you're not confident with your skills, heat it up only to three hundred and the pancake will cook for longer.


Step Six:

Using a ladle pour a full dosage of the mixture onto the pan. Start by pouring it in the middle and then, with a clock wise motion, start moving it around the pan. The end product should look close to a circle. In my experience it's better to not allow the mixture to fill the entire pan - so take your time when pouring.


Step Seven:

Let it cook for five minutes. Then flip it. Let it cook for about three minutes, and then flip it back onto your plate. This is important - the two sides of the crepe will be different, and it's important to have the outside of the crepe on the outside and the inside of the crepe on the inside.


Step Eight:

The best part of how to make crepes. Add whatever you want to the inside of your crepe. This can mean, syrup, brown sugar, bananas, strawberries, whip cream... the creative choice is yours. Roll it up gently (make it tight!), and cut into small squares. Then - Enjoy!


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    • vanchen profile image

      vanchen 7 years ago from British Columbia

      @david: Thanks for the comment and hope you find the time to try them out.

      @Santosh: You're always way too kind. Thanks for the very positive and helpful comment.

      @Shane: good to see you around shane. Hope they taste as good as I make them sound.

    • shane_75 profile image

      shane_75 7 years ago from Murrieta, Ca

      Good hub. My wife love crepes. I will give it a try. Thanks


    • profile image

      Santosh Kumar 7 years ago

      Vanchen's hubs are always really beautiful and useful. In our hectic life, we need a good breakfast to sustain us. Inside our crepe, we can add "syrup, brown sugar, bananas, strawberries, whip cream". This recipe to make crepes is very good and original.

      Santosh Kumar

    • davidisaiah profile image

      davidisaiah 7 years ago from Klamath Falls, Oregon

      sounds and looks delicious