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Recipe for Lamb Chops

Updated on August 28, 2010
The food we prepared that day along with the lamb chops
The food we prepared that day along with the lamb chops

Why Lamb Chops?

One day I just decided that I was sick of the typical beef or chicken or pork that I always have and suggested to my girlfriend that we embark on an adventure to get lamb chops from the market and cook it at my house. The lamb chops was surprisingly not that expensive and the end result was actually very good. I actually want to try it out again one day.

After cooking we decided to serve it with mixed vegetables cooked in butter, strawberry wine, potato wedges, gravy, and mayonnaise for the potato wedges. All in all, it was a great deal and savings because we were able to cook a lot for the same money that would have just gotten us little if we decided to eat out. So yea, if you are planning to eat out, I suggest that you just buy yourself some lamb chops and do what we did.

here are some of the ingredients
here are some of the ingredients

Ingredients Needed

  • Cumin
  • Lemon
  • Tabasco hot sauce
  • Mama Sita's Barbecue Mix
  • Breading and flour for the potato wedges
  • potatoes
  • instant gravy
  • butter
  • mixed vegetables
  • Salt and Pepper

My girlfriend helping out with the cooking
My girlfriend helping out with the cooking

How to cook it

You just marinade the lamb chops with a lot of cumin and lemon, salt and pepper, very little bit of the barbecue sauce and Tabasco for about an hour. After that you just fry it in butter and you're all set. Cook the side dishes and the sauces and your ready to have a great meal!

Lamb chops really have that unique taste and it is perfectly complemented by the cumin and the lemon. The end result will really be unbelievable. My girlfriend and I go so full after and we didn't even spend that much for both of us. We couldn't even finish what we cooked. 

Some other Photos from that Day

I don't wear a shirt when I cook because it is so hot.
I don't wear a shirt when I cook because it is so hot.

Cooking Lamb Chops

This recipe is very simple. You don't really need anything fancy to cook lamb chops in my opinion. Even a simple recipe such as this one is already fantastic and is an absolute delight to cook. You will really feel satisfied afterwards when you are already eating it.

I actually got so full that I almost passed out! haha. I love lamb chops and I think I want to cook some more and try out other recipes. I'm sure grilled lamb chops would be amazing and I want to try that out real soon (and when I say real soon I mean real real soon). Lamb chops in the Philippines is actually very cheap, I would say even cheaper than beef. It is very good and is one of those meats that are underrated and overlooked in Philippines cuisine. Go on-line and checkout other recipes and try cooking lamb chops on your own and I promise you won't regret it. I highly recommend that you cook lamb chops!

The Finished Product

How to Cook Lamb Chops
How to Cook Lamb Chops


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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 7 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Great hub! I liked how you came up with the idea, and then made a good meal happen. It sounds great, and I like the pictures along the way.