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Updated on January 8, 2012
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Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog with 30 years experience in the tax field. He is the tax adviser of Mr. Money Mustache.

Pepsi is at it again, giving away grant money for community projects you choose. The only way to get your project funded for up to $50,000 is to get the most votes. Since you are here I assume you already know about Pepsi's Refresheverything grants and how it works. For those unfamiliar, Pepsi is awarding grants for community, arts & music, and education projects you choose. Projects with the most votes get the money. You can submit your own project idea and ask others to vote for it. You get five votes a day with up to 100 additional votes with codes found inside Pepsi products. Grants are awarded monthly: 20 - $5,000 grants; 15 - $10,000 grants; 15 - $25,000 grants; 10 - $50,000 grants.

It takes a lot of votes to win. Since I have no personal project to promote, I am offering my codes here on a first come, first serve basis. There are a lot worthy projects to choose from. The only way to win is to have the most people voting for your project.

Free Codes for Pepsi's Refresheverything
Free Codes for Pepsi's Refresheverything

I will list my codes below and update them on a regular basis. My stack of codes grows from soda I give to clients at my office. Check back often as I will add codes on an irregular basis. It might be a good idea to check back daily.

Don't ask me to give you all my codes and drop everyone else. I get off on my traffic stats so if you want codes, stop by often. Always be polite with your comments. Rude comments will not be posted.

If you have unused codes you would like to share, add them to the comments section below.

Here Is Today's Refresheverything Code


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Once you have your project funded, share your codes with others. Post your unused code in the comments section. Comments will be reviewed before posting to prevent any problems.


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    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Wow I always wondered about this? Great read! Thank YOu!

    • profile image

      Paula 6 years ago

      Thank you so much! This is such a generous way to help fund worthy causes. It's greatly appreciated.