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Remember Those Candies That You Bought As a Kid From The Local Candy Store? Ahhh, Those Wonderful Memories!

Updated on May 31, 2014

Here are some of those famous candies I remember as a little kid. Most of these are still around too. See how many you can remember.

Switzers Black Licorice - This was always a favorite of mine as I do like a good licorice

Good and Plenty - Another favorite licorice

Black Crows - Licorice gum drops in a box and I usually got these when I went to the movies

JuJuBes - Not bad but not a favorite of mine but they did in a pinch when I needed a candy fix

Milk Duds - Always a classic

Gum Balls- Usually got these out of the machine and they were really jaw and tooth breakers

Red Pistachio Nuts - Loved these things out of the penny machine., Remember how they stained your hands red from all that dye on the shells?

Bazooka Bubble Gum (with the waxy paper cartoon) This was a favorite bubble gum of mine

Topps Bubble Gum (with the Baseball Cards) Another favorite bubble gum - I had hundreds of those baseball cards that I wish I still had now. They would be worth a pretty penny

Mary Janes - Always good and were popular handouts on Halloween

Bits O Honey- Great for a nice honey taste

Those colored sugar dots called Candy Buttons on that paper tape - Remember how some of that paper stuck to those dots when you peeled them off and ate them?

Those Halloween Orange Wax Whistles - For the life of me I don't know why I liked these things that you were supposed to chew on after you stopped whistling on them I guess

Those Wax Bottles of colored Sugar Syrups - Still around too

Those super sweet pale orange "peanut shaped" "quasi marshmallow loosies" - I always liked those stupid things too

Mars Bars - Good but not a real favorite of mine

Peter Paul Mounds - A favorite of mine the dark chocoloate covered coconut is great

Almond Joy - Almost like the Mounds but was coconut covered in a milk chocolate and with two big almonds on top

Snickers - Always a favorite to this day. I like to freeze them first

Three Musketeers - Good but not a fave of mine

Jelly Beans - Always a favorite around Easter time and still are

Red Licorice sticks sold as "loosies" - Not a fave of mine as I always wanted only the real black licorice

Clark Bars - Good too

Bubble Gum Cigars - Not a fave but had them now and then

Candy Cigarettes - Don't quite know why I liked these stupid sugary things quite frankly

Chocolate Orange Sticks and Chocolate Raspberry Sticks - These were always fantastic favorites of mine. I may just order up some

Jolly Ranchers - OK but not a fave of mine

Junior Mints - Always liked a box of these to eat at the movies

Spearmint Jelly Leaves (loosies) - Ate 'em when I had to. Not fond of spearmint

Necco Wafers - I sorta liked these things in a strange way but they not the greatest though

Bonomos Turkish Taffy - Always a tooth destroying favorite of mine especially the vanilla. Remember how, especially in cold weather, you had to smack the bar on a hard surface to break it up into smaller bite size edible pieces? You couldn't crack these thing with your teeth when cold because they were hard as a rock and you risked breaking a tooth.

Atomic Fire Balls - Not for me!

Chocolate Gold Coins in a Bag - These were OK but a royal real pain to eat cause you had to take off that gold foil. By the time you got the dang foil off, the chocolate was partially melted and all over your hands and clothes.

Cherry or Orange Slices (loosies) - These were a favorite that I just might order soon too

Fizzies Drink Tablets - Tried these a couple times. Not the greatest. They were like fruit flavored Alka Seltzers.

Pez with their dispensers - This was really sort of a fad thing that I did a few times. The dispenser was neat but the candies themselves basically sucked.

RockyRoad Bars -Good in a pinch

Tootsie Rolls - Always pretty good and was another very popular candy especially given out at Halloween trick or treat time

Root Beer Barrels - These were pretty good too I was always a root beer fan

Saf -T -Pops - Nah! Not really. I was never a fan of any kind of lollipop. Didn't much like Tootsie Pops either

Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones - These things were sort of freaky to eat and they were like air filled foam basically

Jaw Breakers - Not my thing but did them every now and then. Was fun getting them out of the penny gum ball machine though. Remember those?

M&Ms - Always a classic and a favorite of mine to this day

BlackJack Chewing Gum - My favorite chewing gum. You could always play a gag on folks by putting the black gum over your front teeth to make it look like they were all knocked out. Actually all your teeth probably rotted out early after eating all these candies and stuff anyway! LOL

Teaberry Chewing Gum - My next favorite chewing gum

Beer Nuts - Eat 'em if you got 'em I always said. Pretty good too

Candy Korn - Always at Easter time and Halloween

Ludens Cough Drops - Ate these a lot too - cough, cough! I liked the Smith Brothers black licorice cough drops even better.

Caramels - Good, but remember how they used to glue your jaw together until you could get them to soften up a bit in your mouth?

Reeses - Good in a pinch for me

Hershey Bars - Always great and the dark chocolate is always fantastic in my book to this day

Butter Fingers - Popular for me receiving these around Halloween.They were another popular candy to hand out to us when trick or treating

Animal Crackers - These were good and that circus animal box with the sting was pretty cool

Rock Candy - Nah! Not really for me. Much better if you took the clear rock candy crystals and let them dissolve in a bottle of rye whiskey along with some fruit slices and let it sit for a couple of weeks. (Note; I DID NOT DO THIS AS A KID!) LOL

Anise Pieces - Again, anything that was licorice for me was a favorite

Many Candies Were Sold "Loosie" As Penny Candies.

As I was researching for this article hub, I discovered to my delightful amazement that most of all the candies in the preceding list are STILL AROUND and can be ordered and purchased online. Just follow the links found in here or do a GOOGLE SEARCH and they will lead you back to your childhood candy favorites regardless of what decade you want to regress to. AWESOME AND FUN!! Should bring back those tasty memories that killed our teeth early too!

Given the fact that we now are supposed to "eat healthy" it may not be a good idea to have the grandkids around while you shop for your favorites for I am sure they will haunt you to get some and be able to sample what they missed back in our days.

There are several terrific great links when I Googled the search term "penny candies" and the search returned with a complete listing of suppliers and their candy inventories and prices. You are as close to your childhood sweets as you are to your computer keyboard and the deliveryman when they bring them right to your door. No more having to go down and hang out with the gang at the local candy store like we had to do back in the day!

No wonder looking back on my childhood candy consumption I think I had ADHD from overdosing on all that sugary stuff, not to mention the havoc it wreaked on my teeth too. REALLY!!!

I don't know if it holds medically true that all that candy consumption makes a kid hyperactive BUT, I certainly was when I was that age. My family always kept telling me to "simmer down" and that I "had ants in my pants"!! I truly believe, looking back, that I was constantly "freaked out" on all that candy that I ate. LOL

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this nostalgic trip down candy "memory lane" and l betcha you are gonna probably order some too just to see if that stuff tastes as good as you remember it.

Let me know too!


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Here Are Some Rally Weird, Wild and Truly Wacky Candies That I Just Discovered! How would you like to try these "modern" candies? LOL

I have found these really goofy, nutty, and crazy contemporary candies on the web to intrigue you and treat and tingle your taste buds. I am sure that, unless they are noted as being sugar free that they will rot your teeth out just as fast as the candies from our past eras.

Find them and give them a try.

I think your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids will think they are "cool" and a real "hoot"!! You just might even enjoy them too! Ya never know. LOL

A lot of these would be GREAT FOR HALLOWEEN TREATS!!

Dragon Dung

Candy Ants

Bloody Eye Brain Soup Kit

Candy Eyes

Making Your Own Candy blood Vial

Giant Gummy Rats

Zombie Pee

Candy Barf

Worms & Dirt

Body Part Gummy Lollipops

crunchy candy brain cells, and chewy candy neurons

Worm Poo Vials

Uncle Urnie's Candy Ashes Remains

Zombie Heart with Zombie Blood

Giant Gummy Snakes with crunchy candy pebbles

Pink Eye Pus

Formula Pee, Asparagus Pee, and Formula Poo

Gummy Unicorn Poop

Unicorn Pee

Blood Sucking Sour Candy Blood Vial

Candy Flowers are a tasty candy powder made with real edible flowers

Sparkling Vegetable Soup

Creature Candy Blood; Troll Blood, Zombie Blood, Demon Blood, Vampire Blood, and Goblin Blood

Louisiana candies; Louisiana Hot Cherry Pepper Powder Candy, Louisiana Cajun Candy Nuggets, Louisiana Cajun Candy Powder, and Louisiana Liquid Hot Sour Cherry Pepper Candy.

Goth Balls; have a soft chewy jelly bean center

Unicorn Hair

Zombie Juice

Zombie Bullets

Chocolate Mustache Pops

Chocolate Bacon Surprise

Custom Labeled Candy Boogers - (Just name your favorite animal booger)

Rainbow Unicorn Boogers

Green Apple Zombie Boogers

Ghost Boogers

Dragon Boogers

Pig Boogers

Big Chocolate Brains; are 5.5 oz and are available in a variety of colors and flavors

Chocolate Brain Pops

Chocolate Gummy Body Parts Meat; includes one chocolate gummy brain, one chocolate gummy heart, and one chocolate gummy ear

Undead Candy Fingers

Candy Mushroom Bags

Pickle Licorice

Pickles and cream mustaches

Candy Pink Poops & Candy Brown Poops

Candy Plasma Kit; A nice mix . Includes red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma

Crime Scene Candy Kit - t includes a shrunk wrapped package of Candy Blood, Candy Urine, and Candy Saliva

Big Blood Sample Vial

Gummy Bandages

Zombie Poop & Unicorn Poop Specimen Cups


Candy Human Organ for transplants - available in hearts and brains


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