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Restaurants in Guilford CT- A Review of the Best

Updated on July 30, 2012
The historic Guilford green
The historic Guilford green

A Guilford native weighs in

I've grown up on the shoreline in the town of Guilford. As a native to the area and a lover of fine dining, I wanted to highlight the best restaurants Guilford has to offer. Only 30 minutes from New Haven CT, Guilford boasts a large town green with an assortment of eclectic shops. The town sits up against Long Island Sound and is dotted with historical homes dating back to the 1600's.

Whether it's Mexican, Italian, seafood, or classic American fare- Guilford's restaurants have something of quality to offer every palette. As a small town, you will find no chain restaurants with the exception of Wendy's, McDonald's, and Subway (and I wouldn't even call those restaurants!). Sometimes it's hard to know where to eat when everything is a "mom and pop" eatery. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the places to eat in Guilford. I've highlighted my favorites and only written about the establishments I would take you to if we were on a date!

Map of Quick Bites

show route and directions
A markerPerk on Church -
20 Church St, Guilford, CT 06437, USA
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B markerThe Whole Enchilada -
381 Boston Post Rd, Guilford, CT 06437, USA
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C markerGuilford Food Center -
77 Whitfield St, Guilford, CT 06437, USA
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D markerThe Little Stone House -
506 Whitfield St, Guilford, CT 06437, USA
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An unlikely quick bite- the Food Center
An unlikely quick bite- the Food Center | Source

Quick bites

Little Stone House (Seasonal)
A wooden house situated right by the Guilford docks is perfect for an outdoor sandwich or light dinner. The atmosphere is very casual- with wooden tables and chairs outside under umbrellas. Unlike other sandwich shops, this bistro offers seafood specialties and other salads and specials that are a spin-off of their mother restaurant The Stone House (see below).

Sample Menu Options

  • Rhode Island chowder $5.00
  • Shrimp, arugula, pineapple salad $11.00
  • Seared tuna wrap with wasabi mayo $8.00
  • Roast turkey panini with fresh mozzarella $7.00
  • Hebrew all national hot dog $3.00
  • Cheese platter with fruit and crackers $12.00

Whole Enchilada
This take-out place is perfect for those looking for a quick healthy burrito. Open for both lunch and dinner, you can choose from a wide variety of quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, and of course- burritos. There are a few tables and chairs to eat-in and air conditioning if you need a place to cool off. There are options (like soy cheese and brown rice) for vegetarians and vegans as well.

Sample Menu Options

  • Roasted vegetable burrito $7.00
  • BBQ chicken enchiladas $9.00
  • Ranchero chicken quesadilla $8.00

Guilford Food Center
Located right on the town green, you may not think this place a great option for a quick bite, but the sandwiches and subs are delicious. They make them fresh and a mini-sub is only $3.59! In addition, they have soups, salads, fried chicken, and other deli items available made fresh every day. While you're in there, you can grab some produce and a drink- and eat your meal on a bench right on the green. Don't forget dessert at the Village Chocolatier (right next door). They serve Ben & Jerry's!

Perk on Church
If you like crepes, this is the place to go. Serving tea, coffee, crepes, sandwiches, and dinner- it's a fabulous little spot on Church Street. They offer traditional sweet crepes, as well as some savory flavors that are quite unique! It is a table service restaurant if you choose to dine in, or you can order coffee shop style if you're in a hurry.

Sample Menu Options

  • Karen's strawberry shortcrepe $6.00
  • Rajin' cajun savory crepe (with chicken, tomato, and ranch dressing) $8.00
  • Smoken Salmon shareable appetizer $11.00
  • Cashew curry chicken wrap $8.00

Fine dining locations

show route and directions
A markerThe Stone House -
506 Whitfield St, Guilford, CT 06437, USA
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B markerWhitfield's -
25 Whitfield St, Guilford, CT 06437, USA
get directions

C markerQuattros -
14 Water St, Guilford, CT 06437, USA
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The Stone House
The Stone House | Source

Fine dining

Every birthday and anniversary for the first five years of our marriage included a dinner at Quattros. Located on the Guilford green, the atmosphere is cozy and chic- with brick walls and rich woods. This is Italian food at it's best- fresh seafood, chicken, veal, and pasta dishes prepared beautifully. The waiters bring little garlic balls at the beginning of the meal and you'll be tempted to fill up just on those!

Sample Menu Options

  • Gnocchi primavera $17.00
  • Chicken saltimbocca (my favorite!) $18.00
  • Scallops with lobster cream sauce $24.00
  • NY strip steak $24.00

The bistro sits right on the Guilford green and offers beautiful window seat dining and patio dining in the warmer months. It is classic American food with a twist. The restaurant is small so be sure to make reservations. While a bit on the pricy side, Whitfield's offers a lighter fare menu with sandwiches and other options that are less than $15.00. Great little place!

Sample Menu Options

  • Roasted beets and herb goat cheese salad $11.00
  • Sweet potato dumplings (these are to die for!) $9.00
  • Grilled yellow fin tuna $26.00
  • BBQ salmon $24.00

The Stone House
Right on the water at the Guilford Marina, you'll see a lot of parked boats and hungry customers at the Stone House. The dining room is quite spacious and usually has available seating but the bar is where it's at! Oftentimes, reservations have completely booked up this little room. It is a warm wood nautical theme and has a fireplace right in the middle- perfect for cold winter evenings. The food is delicious albeit a bit pricey, but the bar menu has several less expensive options. This restaurant is an iconic landmark for Guilford and recently reopened after sustaining serious damage during Hurricane Irene.

Sample Menu Options

  • Calamari $8.50
  • Swordfish club sandwich $12.00
  • Scallops with risotto $26.00
  • Clam chowder $6.00

The Place!
The Place! | Source

Other noteworthy establishments

  • If you are in the mood for some fabulous Thai food, hit up Som Siam tucked away on the Guilford green.
  • Guilford's legendary The Place is an outdoor restaurant where you sit on logs to eat and watch your food get cooked over an open fire!
  • The best coffee shop is Cilantro's, and offers a selection of sandwiches and pastries.
  • If you are in the mood for pizza, Naples has been around for what seems like ever! The pizza is delicious (though there is no room to eat in the restaurant. It's take-out only).
  • A little known secret about the Maritime Grille. It used to serve nickel burgers- little bite size burgers for a nickel (at the bar). Though not on the menu, if you ask for a quarter burger (price has gone up), they'll whip some right up for you!


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    • profile image

      Robert Dean 3 years ago

      My wife and I love eating at Guilford restaurants. Boss Pizza has the best pizza I've ever tasted, and great salads with their own dressing. So good! At La Rosticceria, everything there is great, and made by a professionally trained chef. We love the fish and chips with malt vinegar at The Mooring. Som Siam has some of the best Thai cuisine I've ever had. And the Hidden Kitchen has everything made so good!

    • profile image

      awood2357 5 years ago

      Great write up! The Place is fabulous if you like clams & lobster. But not to be forgotten... Anthony's. Wonderful Italian food & Pizza. They do a spectacular brunch on special ocassions like Mother's Day, Easter, etc. Can't beat it for the price. And we just discovered Pasta Avest on Route 1. It's a very nice little place with a lovely little buffet of Italian foods, and great pizza (I'm a New haven Pizza snob, so when I say great, that's what I'm comparing it to). There are a few cute little tables out front on the patio as well. They have an nice section of grab and go stuff... and the deserts.....Yum!