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Review & Taste Test: Zippy's Mini Mochiko Chicken with Rice from Hawaii

Updated on March 9, 2014

First of all, I only write reviews in which can help people. And I believe that perhaps this review can truly help people.

I'm extremely disappointed with what I've had at Zippy's in regards to portion size and it's relation to price. I am also disappointed with the food quality for some menu items. This just so happens to be their Mochiko Chicken.

As you can see illustrated above with my actual chicken plate that I ate, this is really disappointing to say the least. To serve this is a complete disgrace.

If you enjoy eating rice, this is for you. If you enjoy eating chicken and lots of it, this isn't for you. Understood, it's a mini plate, but still. For the price, you should be getting a lot more.

Notice, that you'll see a lot of pink in the chicken. Under-cooked! Taste? What taste? Non existent whatsoever. I cannot make this up. This is the actual picture of the "mini" BEFORE I ate it. This has got be 4 or 5 pieces at maximum. This plate should be called the mini rice plate as opposed to a mini mochiko chicken plate.

Although the skin on the outside was very crispy, the inside was red and not cooked properly and thoroughly. This resulted in a dry crunchy and crusty outside with a rubbery inside. The chicken was neither salty nor sweet as there was really no flavor whatsoever.

I can't even begin to express how I feel being ripped off and paying for this. Why did I not take it back? Because I was too hungry and it would be a waste of time. Maybe I should have brought it back and asked for more food. This has got to be THE worst mochiko chicken I've ever eaten. Such a shame. I generally like Zippy's, but will not be eating this any more. Not worth the price for portion and taste. Better off at something like L&L for this.

What makes this even worse, is that they served this to me. I mean, wouldn't the cook in the kitchen be embarrassed to serve this? I know if I were cooking this, I'd be embarrassed.

Mochiko Chicken from another plate lunch restaurant.
Mochiko Chicken from another plate lunch restaurant. | Source

Yes, this is Mochiko Chicken and not Chicken Katsu

If you're familiar with Hawaii food culture, you'll probably think that this is Chicken KATSU. When, this is not. Clearly this is Mochiko Chicken. Katsu clearly has a breading. You'll notice in the above picture that there is virtually a non-existence of this so called breading. Yes, you are looking at Mochiko Chicken from Zippy's. All of you out there, please stop correcting me stating this is Katsu. It is not. Zippy's has served me this, which is such a shame. For everyone insisting this is still Katsu, go talk to Zippy's and tell them how horrible their food is for their prices.


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