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Review of TGIF Boneless Chicken Bites

Updated on July 29, 2018
TGIF frozen products promise fresh restaurant taste....
TGIF frozen products promise fresh restaurant taste....

Where did the idea of frozen food originate?

According to sources I've come across, frozen food had many developers, but the main candidate credited with creating the techniques which influence today's practices was Clearance Birdseye. Birdseye developed his main techniques in the 1920's and eventually received 138 patents related to his methods.

While on a fishing expedition in Canada, Birdseye realized that the fish he caught froze immediately after being removed from the water. When taken home, the frozen fish was just as fresh and delicious as if it had been prepared immediately. Techniques were developed that used methods to preserve meat and vegetables both inside and outside of its packaging.

You might be familiar with the Birdseye vegetable brand.

An American staple, frozen foods provide flavor and convenience
An American staple, frozen foods provide flavor and convenience

The Chicken Nugget

Chicken can come in many forms, but one of the more popular ways of enjoying this dish is the nugget. There are no bones to be concerned with and there are many diners who wish to do without the skin. The nugget contains the meat wrapped in a coating that will allow you to enjoy the product without touching the meat directly. The nugget can be dipped in a flavorful sauce or conveniently carried for those who are on the go.

A man named Robert Baker is credited with devising what is known as the nugget today. Baker was a professor of food science at Cornell when his team needed to come up with a way for companies to solve a couple of problems. Ground chicken needed to be compacted and contained in a breading that could sustain freezing temperatures and then be baked or fried.

Bakers team came up with a special batter that allowed the chicken pieces to be molded into any shape desired.

Chicken nuggets produced from whole pieces of breast meat are more desirable
Chicken nuggets produced from whole pieces of breast meat are more desirable

What is your preferred chicken type?

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TGIF's Chicken Bites

Price: $6.99

Well, I have to be honest and say that I have tried some TGIF products before and found them enjoyable. I cannot remember the last time I went into the restaurant however.

When I saw this product on the shelf, it jumped out at me. Not only because of the colorful packaging, but because one of the side views of the chicken nugget made it appear to be a section of a whole fillet.

The product on the cover appears enticing
The product on the cover appears enticing

Things are not always as they appear

However, after cooking the product in the oven - you do have a microwave option - I found out that the picture on the cover seemed deceptive.

The meat was actually ground and pressed the way it is done in the cheaper varieties of chicken patties. Not at all like it appeared on the cover.

The cover shows a profile that looks like real meat, you can see the texture and looks authentic.

The taste itself wasn't all that appealing either. The pieces were flavorless and the crust lacked the crunch I anticipate from restaurant prepared foods. However, I realize that in the establishment, you are probably going to get something that has been fried. Even if I had fried these bites, I doubt the flavor would have improved.

Nutritional Informtion

A photo of the nutritional info. from the package
A photo of the nutritional info. from the package

Fast and frozen food are not the healthiest

I ended up giving up after about three or four nuggets. I really like chicken a lot, but these were not at all satisfying and I have to say, that I do not recommend them. I ended up leaving what I had left to the hungry, homeless animals in my neighborhood.

You were supposed to coat them with the provided buffalo sauce that was included with the dinner, but I decided to dip mine in barbecue sauce. It didn't make a difference.

The chicken was tasteless and the meat had a texture which I found rather loathsome.

I don't know if it is me getting older and having eaten frozen food for so many years, become immune to the appeal of these products or if companies are continuously sacrificing quality for profit. Packaged food that you cooked up at home, once tasted much better (in my opinion).

It's probably a good thing though, because with the number of preservatives in food today and the genetically modified methods being used, these products are certainly not healthy for you.

I should consider it a blessing they are not more appealing.

Has fast and frozen food gone down in quality in the last 25 years?

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From freezer to oven to plate

Click thumbnail to view full-size
In the package (you've seen this before I know)Ready for the oven (I don't care for microwaves)
In the package (you've seen this before I know)
In the package (you've seen this before I know)
Ready for the oven (I don't care for microwaves)
Ready for the oven (I don't care for microwaves)

Other products

There are other TGIF products that I've had before - and remember being at least adequate.

Here are some I can think of that I found palatable:

Mozzarella Sticks

Loaded Baked Potato Skins

and honestly, that's it...

In all due fairness however, it should be noted that we all have different tastes and what I find delectable someone else might not be attracted to and vice versa.

In a quick fix, this product probably would not be half bad. For someone whose taste buds are not fully developed, like kids for example, they may be a delicacy.

Do you agree?

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