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Rice or Chicken.

Updated on February 23, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Rice or Chicken.

This is Indian Curry with Chicken.
This is Indian Curry with Chicken. | Source
Rice with side dishes.
Rice with side dishes. | Source
Must have this Parota / Roti / Nan to eat Chicken.
Must have this Parota / Roti / Nan to eat Chicken. | Source

Why should we eat Chicken.?

I took my sister and family for a dinner with my family in a Western Hotel.

My sister's little son just 5 years old was with us on that day.

All of us were pure vegetarians by birth and I was a non vegetarian by choice.

Vegetarian food was ordered for all of us.

I ordered Chicken extra for me and my son whom I had made a non vegetarian by compulsion.

My sisters son who was coming with us for the first time wanted to know why we should eat an animal chicken,that too a dead one.

I told my sisters son that the animal was not dead but it was cut like a vegetable and cooked like a vegetable.

He still wanted to know why we should eat an animal.

I told my sister's son that chicken has enormous stamina,never sits for long,keeps moving the body parts in continuously and even the new born walks immediately after being born and eating such an animal our body will also be as agile as that of the chicken.Poor son of my sister did not say much but being a Brahmin kept quite.Our order for chicken Kabab was served and my son and myself started eating it.The order for others was on the way.My sister and her husband were keeping watch over our plate as they were worried that their son would start asking for it my sister's son's mouth was watering looking at us eating with such relish.When I saw my sister and her husband had turned the other way I put little piece of chicken in my sisters son's mouth and whispered to him not to move his mouth till he gets his hand on some thing vegetarian food. The taste and feel of chicken caught him and he would not eat anything but chicken.When ever we took him to any hotel.

What is RICE compared to Chicken.

You can't feed Chicken to a baby,its baby's and pure Brahmins that eat rice.

To a baby rice over cooked and soft rice with milk is fed when its teeth has grown.Even this is fed by well meshed by hand so the baby can chew or swallow.Its not possible for a baby to think what should be chewed and what can be swallowed.Its dangerous to give chicken to a baby.

Only Rice can be eaten with water & salt by grown ups.Not Chicken.

Only Rice with Ghee & South Indian Pickle can be eaten with much relish.Not Chicken.

Fry Rice with ghee,,jeera ( Indian Spice),add salt to taste and you can eat it with anything like curry,fried vegetables,sambar,rasam,masala potato,gojju,majjigehuli,curds including chicken.

For those who do not eat rice they have to eat with chicken and they need ROTI / NAN / PAROTA / CHAPATHI / KULCHA or Curds as only CHICKEN will not go as a meal.

Steamed Rice can be a meal with just salt & Green Chilli. - Not steamed Chicken.

Steamed Rice is a meal for the poor just with water & salt.[ this is a cheapest meal for the poor.]

Steamed Rice can be a meal with just yoghourt. - Not steamed Chicken.

Steamed flesh of an animal is not a meal and is not  for the stomach of a human body.

Any human eating the steamed flesh of an animal is not human and no human eats just the flesh of an animal.

Why make your stomach a grave yard for the animals.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 5 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Remember rice stays only 6 hours in your stomac and Chicken stays for 72 hours.Keep Rice on a plate for 6 hours and smell then keep chicken for 72 hours and smell.That will be the smell in your stomac.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I'm okay with eating chicken, I'm also okay with eating eggs.

    • Sun-Girl profile image

      Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice and a good salivating article you actually shared in here which really made me go hungry.Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 6 years ago

      Look what you started. Well, I like chicken. Run and tell that! :)