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Rice & their Health Benefits

Updated on July 10, 2011


Technically, rice is the seed of the monocot plant Oryza sativa. It is in fact a grain with the second highest production worldwide, after maize. They have a long history of cultivation with records of cultivation in China and India that dates back to over 4000 years ago.


Asian nations produce over 90% of the total rice produced annually. China is the global leader of rice production and according to an estimate, China harvests about 28% of the global rice harvest.


Here are some common varieties of rice:



Wild Rice

White Short-grain

Brown Short-grain

White Long-grain

Brown Long-grain

Popular Cuisines

Here are some popular dishes made of rice:

Sushi - It is a Japanese dish made of vinegared rice and is famous in many parts of the world.

Biryani - An Subcontinental dish that is prepared by adding many ingredients to rice like tomatoes, onion etc.

Mexican Rice - These rice are cooked in oil with onion and other ingredients.

Ginger Fried Rice - This dish is prepared with ginger and garlic.

Health Benefits of Rice

They are rich in carbohydrates and thus provide fuel for the body and brain.

Being low in sodium, rice are considered an excellent diet for those suffering from high blood pressure.

The resistant starch present in rice aids in normal bowel movements by the growth of useful bacteria.

Brown rice helps control blood sugar and cholesterol.

They are rich in fiber, iron and thiamine.


Eating excess amounts of rice can cause some health concerns. So please consult a nutritionist to know the right amount of rice consumption for you and your family.

Interesting Facts about Rice

Rice were thrown at weddings because they are considered a symbol of life and fertility. Finns count the grains that remain in the bride's hair and it is believed that she will have children equivalent to the rice grains in her hair.

Rice are cultivated on every continent except Antarctica.

Over 90% of the rice are produced and consumed in Asia.

There are more than 40,000 varieties of rice.

The Health Website

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