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Roasted, Seasoned Seaweed from Being Blue Company at Costco

Updated on March 5, 2017

Curiousity at Costco

I am a member of the local COSTCO membership warehouse club. Every month or so, they send me several coupons which basically means that those items are on sale that month. I find that if I use a few of these coupons each month, I can more than cover the cost of my membership. ($50 a year in 2011, $55 in 2012) I recently went there to shop, and yes, I bought what I went to purchase, but I also veered from my shopping list and was subject to my own curiosity. I bought several things that were not on my list and I will not rush out and buy them again. One unplanned purchase was something that I might consider buying again, and that is roasted, seasoned SEAWEED.

What I got for my money...

My diet is probably closer to a typical American diet of processed food than it is to healthy Asian food, though I am a big fan of seafood and brown rice. I am trying to change that by adding more vegetables and healthy snacks into my food choices. This seems like an inexpensive way of doing that. Even if I didn’t like it, I was only out $9.99 and would have new material for an article at least! :-)

For $9.99 I got 27 individual servings of roasted, seasoned seaweed. Each serving comes in a small plastic tub which is sealed in a plastic wrapper. Three tubs are in a larger wrapped bag, and there are nine such bags in the box, packaged three by three. The box looks somewhat large, but it is very light. A serving size of seaweed is a mere 5 grams or 0.18 oz.

What did I expect?

Before I ate my first serving, I asked a few friends at work and from various other places if they had ever tried seaweed. Out of about 20 people I asked, only one person even knew of someone who had ever eaten it. I asked him what he knew of the experience and he said that the person he knew who had eaten seaweed, thought it had a fishy taste. That sounded logical to me. I was expecting something like dried spinach or alfalfa sprouts or watercress. No one really knew how to eat it. Many asked how I intended to use it. I really was not sure.

My first experience

As it turned out, the first time I had it, I ate it while eating hot dogs for supper. The second time, I ate it as a snack. I am still thinking of other ways to eat it, as I have 25 more packages to eat. So what was it like eating roasted, seasoned seaweed? It was not at all like what I was expecting and like nothing I had ever really experienced before. The best way for me to describe it? HMM. This writer is almost at a loss for words. The first thing I noticed that was unusual for me was the fact that it was not a pile or clump of seaweed like I am used to seeing washed up along the shore. I thought it would be like that, perhaps crunchy and salty. Instead, I opened the plastic tray and inside were several dark green sheets. I picked one up and put it in my mouth and I thought I had a piece of paper in my mouth, or perhaps a plastic wrapper. That was the sensation: a piece of paper or plastic, with a much more enjoyable flavor. I did not notice a fishy taste, but it was tasty, being a little on the salty side. After a few bites, I decided it must be an acquired taste, and I may have actually acquired that taste.

My side dish was only 30 calories but was a good way to get some fiber (8% of a day’s supply), Vitamin A (30%) and Vitamin C (20%). If I had chosen potato chips as my side dish or snack I would have had a lot more calories and fat. If I had chosen sauerkraut for my side dish, I would have had a lot more sodium. The seaweed package serving only contained 75 mg sodium. There is no cholesterol in this package of seaweed.

Other experiences and information

I have a little more than nine months to eat the remaining 25 packages before the “Best by” date and I think that is feasible. To the grocery store or convenience store owner, the packages inside this box have their own UPC bar codes, so you can buy the big box for $9.99 and sell either the individual serving units or the 3 pack of individual units or both.

As for how to eat them, I am still deciding. Surely I will experiment with different ways, but so far I like eating them as a snack, which is one of the suggestions on the package. Other suggestions are to serve it with rice or to use it like bread and make various hand rolls with it or use it as a topping for soups and salads. If you have ideas, please share them in the comments section.

The package was paced for the Being Blue Company and is a product of Korea. It contains seaweed, corn oil, salt and sesame oil.

Follow up story to make you smile

I was snacking on some roasted, seasoned seaweed and one of my cats was in the kitchen with me. She wanted a treat and often will ask for what I am eating. While I was eating I accidentally dropped a piece of this seaweed on the floor. She sniffed at it, but did not eat it. I am surprised because both of my cats like to eat grass.

Impulse buying

How often do you buy something new on the spur of the moment?

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    • profile image

      4 years ago

      Costco discontinued it and replace it with their own name brand. Not as good tasting, unfortunately. I too am trying to find the Being Blue brand and can't find it anywhere.

    • profile image

      anu 4 years ago

      You should try eating it with reduced fat sharp white cheddar: for example, tearing off a small piece of cheese and wrapping some seaweed around it, then popping in your mouth. It's delicious! And for 70ish calories more, is much more filling.

    • profile image

      JOan 5 years ago

      Sadly, this company has discontinued distribution to Costco of this product and I am truly saddened. I cannot find information on this company to contact them and ask that they resume their sales to costco.

    • profile image

      YALI 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Alan 5 years ago

      Silica gel PAC on bottom of tray to keep seaweed fresh! I put a drop of scallion or veggie low fat cream cheese on it with a piece of nova salmon! Still very healthy and my son and grandson can eat two or three pkgs plus a nice serving of sliced nova salmon. It is delish!!!

    • profile image

      Dlao5555 5 years ago

      Hello to everyone. I just wanted to say i also buy the roasted seaweed for costco and LOVE IT!!! My children ages 4 &13 have been eating seaweed snacks for about 3yrs my little one since age 1. Way better than potato chips and very healthy. although they are a bit salty still have way less sodium than chips. trader joes also has seaweed but .99 for a single. costco way better deal. Some asian markets have them in different flavors like pepper and chili. great way to get kids started on eating healthy...

    • profile image

      Jim Freedom 5 years ago

      I love seaweed and I recently bought some of these snacks at Costco too. I generally like them but I do find they have way too much salt on them. I buy other seaweed snacks just like them but from other companies and they do not have anywhere near the salt on them.

    • profile image

      Guest 5 years ago

      I also just picked up the box from Costco's. I made quinoa and steamed some broccoli slaw, then wrapped it up in it and dipped it in soy sauce. It was very tasty. The heat from the broccoli and quinoa heated the sea weed so it bends easier.

    • Tom Vogler profile image

      Tom Vogler 5 years ago from The Shenandoah Valley

      WOW. Thank you for sharing those useful ideas, Sandy! :-)

    • profile image

      sandy 5 years ago

      I LOVE these seaweed sheets! For a meal, I like to grab a package of the seaweed, a cup or so of cooked short-grain brown rice (that I also get at costco) and some firm tofu that I have marinated in a little yoshida sauce and cooked until browned on all sides. Sometimes, i use fish or shrimp instead of the tofu.

      I put about a tablespoon of rice on each seaweed sheet, top it with the tofu & down the hatch it goes. YUM!

      As soon as I can get my hands on some fresh crab, I'll likely do a combo of stiky rice, crab and avocado.

      Oh, and maybe some sauteed zucchini & carrot slivers with pine nuts and rice...

    • profile image

      california woman 6 years ago

      one idea is to add it to ramen noodles. the better noodle packages contain seaweed as an ingredient anyway (in the flavor packs). if you add these sheets to your noodle broth, you get an extra kick.

      and,no, the gelatin comes as a separate enclosed package--not mixed in with the seaweed sheets at all. sort of like how it comes in a little packet sometimes with vitamin supplement bottles.

    • profile image

      Mary Pat 6 years ago

      I do not understand how to use it in cooking. Do you disolve it in warm water to remove the gelatin? or just put the gelatin sheet in the recipe? It says on the box it contains silica gel!( Do not eat) Is that in the gelatin sheets?

    • Tom Vogler profile image

      Tom Vogler 6 years ago from The Shenandoah Valley

      @Janet, the master carton, which I purchased at Costco, has the following statement next to the UPC on the Top of the box:



      The contact information I have for the company is:

      Thank you for reading my article and asking this important question.

    • profile image

      janet 6 years ago

      Has anyone confirmed if this product is truly gluten free? It does not say so on the package. I cannot find a phone number for Being Blue Food Company. Thanks.

    • Tom Vogler profile image

      Tom Vogler 6 years ago from The Shenandoah Valley

      @Courtney, I hadn't thought of it as a snack for a baby but it sure sounds like a great idea. Thank you for sharing the idea.

    • Tom Vogler profile image

      Tom Vogler 6 years ago from The Shenandoah Valley

      @Cherie, thank you for your comments. I can understand where your co-worker would get the impression that they are oily, but I would say they are not as oily as potato chips. :-)

    • profile image

      Cherie 6 years ago

      I, too, bought it on a whim and love it. I have hooked one co-worker on it and another thinks it's too oily.

    • profile image

      Courtney 6 years ago

      It's also great for baby! My 9 month old loves eating a couple of sheets while I am making her lunch or dinner. Since it is so thin I don't worry about it as a choking hazard and she is getting so many great nutrients from it, not to mention it is exposing her to another taste profile.

    • profile image

      Matt 6 years ago

      Hi, I just polished off two packs... I'm a bit of a health nut, and had been looking to get my hands on cheap seaweed for a while... BOOM, I've found it. I eat a package every day. Got to get that wide breadth of nutrients on the daily

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 6 years ago

      My friend from China says seaweed is healthy for you and helps you lose weight. Would be great to have some recipes.

    • Agnes Penn profile image

      Maria del Pilar Perez 6 years ago from Nicholson, Pennsylvania, USA

      Curiosity killed the cat; in this case it fed it! LOL. Never tried seaweed before. I may try it for its nutritious value after reading this hub. Maybe, I'll get the chance soon. I also like that you can substitute it for bread as a roll. Thanks for the info!

    • PiaC profile image

      PiaC 6 years ago from Oakland, CA

      I think Trader Joe's is selling roasted seaweed as a snack as well. I had their wasabi roasted seaweed, It sounds awful, doesn't it? But it was delicious! And I believe it's quite nutritious too.

    • angel115707 profile image

      Angel Ward 6 years ago from Galveston, TX

      That sounds really good! Seaweed is hard t ofind but is a wonderfood for women, esp. if you have a slow thyroid... Nori is paper like, the sushi-rolling prepared is anyway, I have a drop of Kombu at it was 9 dollars, Dulse is my favorite, its big in Canada and Northern U.S. and is red, it's a Native American tradition too.... I have never heard of so much at once though... I need to find a