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Ruby Red Grapefruit Delicious and Nutritious

Updated on March 27, 2015


We have been getting some of the best tasting grapefruit from Texas lately. So good that I searched Texas Grapefruit and found out the length of the season. It lasts from about September to May. Very long. The really good Ruby Reds seem to enter the grocery stores in waves. When they are good, they are juicy and wonderfully sweet with a moment of pucker. Every cent spent is worth it for the delicious nutrition gotten. It’s my personal belief they are the perfect flu fighter. It is the tanginess in the taste. So when those grapefruit sales are advertised, buy them up, because that is when they are best.

Fresh Grapefruit is Quickly Eaten

Back to how good the grapefruit have been lately. Seems I only cut them up in the kitchen while my family devours them. Even as I sat down to eat this half, my daughter stole my spoon. Being fortunate enough to sneak away and finish three halves for myself, the earache which had been bothering me the last few days, started to feel better. Was it because of the Vitamin C in the grapefruit? Was it because I was also getting extra rest? Or was it because I was drinking tea with Echinacea? Any or all of the above.

The Story of a Texas Grapefruit by Picktexascritus


Besides vitamin C, Ruby Red grapefruit has vitamin A, calcium and iron just to name a few of its wonderful nutrients. Yes, I am a believer in the grapefruit as the perfect winter fruit to ward off illness. A whole grapefruit a day chases the germs away and brings a sunny start to my day. I am not a nutritionist or an expert in germ elimination, but my experience has been that adding a grapefruit a day to any diet I at the time am eating, keeps me healthy through winter storms.

Eat grapefruit before you feel a flu or cold coming on to get extra vitamin C, and A.

The Most Efficient Way to Eat It

My favorite way to eat grapefruit is to peel it like an orange and savor every slice. We have been eating it cut in half lately taking each slice out with a spoon and then squeezing out the juice afterward only because this is the way my family loves it and will eat it. But you know cutting all those little sections can be tedious. And then if I don’t cut them and I try to dig one of those little sections out of a halved grapefruit with a spoon, I get squirted. When I finally succeed in loosening the section, a little grapefruit thread hangs on and then suddenly breaks and the piece flies across the table and lands on the kitchen floor. So I prefer peeling the whole fruit and popping each slice in my mouth and not onto the floor. Not only is it quicker to get into my mouth, I think I get more nutrients and fiber eating grapefruit slice by slice getting every drop of Ruby Red goodness.


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    • 2enjoylife8 profile image

      2enjoylife8 6 years ago from Amidst a cloud of creative energy.

      Yes, SandyB99, it seems grapefruit does help to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. I used to eat a grapefruit after a big meal, and it helped me feel better.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • profile image

      sandyB99 6 years ago

      I love grapefruit and have notices since i have added them back into my diet I have been losing weight a lot easier and feeling more healthy then I have a while! I like to eat them halved and sprinkled with sugar as well... YUMMY!

    • 2enjoylife8 profile image

      2enjoylife8 7 years ago from Amidst a cloud of creative energy.

      Lilibees~~ Mmmmmmmmm!

    • lilibees profile image

      lilibees 7 years ago

      I like my grapefruit cut in half and topped with sugar and spooning it out of its shell!