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Schwan's My New Time Saver

Updated on October 5, 2015

I would not have thought that March 18, 1952 would become an important day to me. That was the day when 23 year old Marvin Schwan, after a successful day of delivering his family's signature ice cream, took the next step in home delivery.....and 58 years later I became a faithful fan.

My daughter was surfing the web one day and came across a site for home delivery of groceries. This is something that we have been interested in for some time due to the fact that we no longer have an auto; and some of the grocery stores in walking distance to home don't always carry quality goods. We were also interested in someone with time saving meals with complete menus and we wanted it brought to the door.

I am no longer married and my children are grown so a lot of the cooking that I use to do I choose not to do anymore. But when you cook as well as I do it is not an easy sell. My husband use to say that his grand-mother was the best cook he ever knew and I am the only woman that he knows that can out-do her. I needed a company that would stand by their word with meals that not only would I be proud to eat but serve as well. We decided to give Schwan a try but we did not want to spend too much because I was not sure of the quality of food. We set a $50.00 limit and wanted a complete meal including desert. I wanted the meal to have portions big enough to fill, share and be able to have leftovers for the next day. There are big eaters in my house so we needed man sized portions.

I could go on and on about the fact that Schwan is a well known company that has nearly 500 sales and distribution centers with over 400 products. I could tell you that they are among the leading suppliers of pizza to schools as well as selling their products to restaurants, hospitals, stadiums......but we are here about my meals so let me share with you what we had for dinner last night.

The fork tender roast beef can be cut with a spoon. It comes fully cooked and vacuum packed in it's own gravy. So well seasoned with a taste as if it had been slow cooked with carrots and onions. While heating this roast the awesome aroma filled my house and made my mouth water before I even tasted it.

These little spuds are tender and delicious, lightly seasoned with a bit of salt, pepper and a hint of garlic. What a joy they were with this roast. They come frozen and fully cooked, all you need do is heat them.

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Let us not forget the veggies, the broccoli and cheese only need a bit of heating, with the right amount of crisp and tender all I had to do was to plate it up.

For desert we had Turtle, which is a vanilla ice cream mated with praline and peacans. A caramel topping with chocolate chips set-it-off.

The home delivery only cost me $1.00 and you can pay your bill at the door, they also accept check debit cards, checks, major credit cards and electronic food stamps (EBT).


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