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Fruits and Veggies in Summer

Updated on August 21, 2013

Colorful Veggies

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Fresh Produce

I love summer because of the fresh fruits and veggies! They are everywhere. Visit the produce section of your local supermarket and note the vast array of fresh and colorful vegetables and fruits. Visit your local farmer's market or a small town grocer and the story is the same. It is gardening time and fresh produce is readily available.

I am especially fond of the mangos, peaches, and tomatoes. Squash is high on the list too, yellow squash that is. Have you had a strawberry this summer? Don't forget to smell the fruit before buying. If there is no fruit smell, the taste isn't there.

Are you using these great veggies and fruits in your cooking? At our house, produce is readily available for snacking or desserts.

Green Peppers

Green peppers are available year round. I use them in casseroles and salads on a regular basis. A good green pepper is hard to beat!

While visiting in west Pennsylvania this past week, my spouse and I stumbled on a local farmer's market. As we entered the produce section of the store, the green peppers caught my eye. Never had I seen such huge green peppers. They were shiny, green and extremely large. As I picked up a green pepper, I was amazed at the size. It was heavy and much larger than my hand. Without exaggeration, it felt like a two pound pepper!

When stuffing peppers for a meal, one pepper per person is the norm. The large green peppers in the farmer's market would have served two or three people!

Imported Fruits and Vegetables

In the last few years, there has been a trend to import much of our fruits and veggies from other countries during the winter months. As a result, we are able to purchase many fruits and veggies all year long! Be sure to wash them well before serving to eliminate chemicals and germs.

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