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Safety in the Kitchen

Updated on February 15, 2010


The need for the practice of safety rules in the kitchen cannot be over emphasized. Most accidents resulting in serious injuries and death have oc­curred in many kitchens. Everybody who work in the kitchen should practice safety measures. Practice of the following safety rules will help prevent acci­dents.

1.   Always turn off the oven or top-of-the-range burner as soon as it is no longer needed.

2.                     Always strike the match away from you, never toward you.

3.                     Keep matches away from children.

4.                     Keep sharp knives in special and separate compartments so that your hand will not be cut.

5.                     Always use a potholder in handling hot objects.

6.                     Clean up immediately liquids that spill on the floor.

7.                     Pour hot liquids away from you, never toward you.

8.                     Use a can opener that does not leave a sharp edge on a tin can. Never open a can with a knife.

9.                     Never leave the kitchen while cooking.

10.   Avoid having combustible materials near the stove.

Storage of Food in the Home

In maintaining the sanitary, nutritive and aesthetic quality of the food, it is essential to store them properly. Proper storage minimizes waste and food cost as well as the amount of time and energy used in food preparation.

Food spoilage can be prevented through proper storage. The conservation and preservation of the nutritive quality of the food will likewise be ensured.

In general, you can make use of three types of facilities for proper storage of foods. They are the refrigerator and freezer for cold storage and the pantry for dry and cool storage.


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