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Best Summer Drink - Sago at Gulaman

Updated on November 7, 2012
Sago at Gulaman
Sago at Gulaman | Source

Sago at Gulaman: A Street Drink

Everybody deserves to relax and have some refreshments to relief stress and haggardness. Many restaurants and food stalls in malls specialize in desserts, drinks and have a number of refreshments which you can actually choose depending on your choice. One famous refreshment that is available everywhere is the one’s called sago at gulaman.

Sago at gulaman is actually a street drink served in a tall transparent glass and characterized by the presence of tapioca balls/ sago and agar gelatin. We, Filipinos, have many versions of sago at gulaman all over the country and because it’s affordable and easy to prepare, many are interested to engage in this kind of little business. If you’re one of those people, check out the below recipe on how to prepare sago at gulaman.

You will need:
3 cups sugar (preferably white sugar)
3 cups water
Tapioca balls/ sago
Agar gelatin/ gulaman
Ice (crushed)

Preparatory Procedures:
1. Cut the agar gelatin/ gulaman into cubes using cutting knife or any cutting devices. Then set aside.
2. In a small cooking pan, pour a teaspoon of oil and enough water. Let it boil for a few minutes. Note: The oil will prevent the sticking of sago at the bottom of the pan.
3. When it boils, add the sago (uncooked). Stir continuously.
4. When the sago becomes transparent, turn off the heat and drain the water.

Here’s how to cook:
1. Let the sugar be caramelized in a big pan. Then put the water into it when the sugar has already melted.
2. Stir continuously until the sugar is no longer visible. Let it cool.
3. Pour some sago and gulaman into a glass. To add some sweet taste, add the syrup to it.
4. Then fill it with ice.


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