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SeaPak Butterfly Shrimp

Updated on November 25, 2018

Sea Pak Frozen Shrimp

comes in a convenient family pack - $7.99 - $12.00
comes in a convenient family pack - $7.99 - $12.00

Frozen Seafood

There are several different seafood products on the market. You are probably all familiar with the national name brands that are out there - there are maybe three or four at most.

Most grocery chains have their own generic type production. There are also various higher end packaged samples that are produced locally. Sometimes those are as good as the better known samples you can find anywhere. Often they are better and cheaper.

However, I think Sea Pak can be found in most places and while this article will be more of a review than a comparison, I think this company's shrimp, is much preferable to those of its competitors.

You may disagree and I welcome your suggestions at the end.

I do hope to do a comparison of Sea Pak, Gortons, Mrs. Paul's and some of the other local ones out there, but then again, that is a lot of shrimp.

Nice portions and sizes - a view before cooking

The family pack usually has an average of 45 - 50 shrimp
The family pack usually has an average of 45 - 50 shrimp
The samples are nice whole pieces of plum shrimp
The samples are nice whole pieces of plum shrimp

Restaurant Quality

Well when I hear the phrase "restaurant quality" I guess they are saying their food is good enough to serve in a any restaurant. Usually the more expensive ones. That might not be saying much at all however, given that sometimes restaurant food seems to sacrifice quality (as well as quantity) for profit.

However, it is a catch phrase and on the flip side, it could probably be defined as being good enough for your run of the mil restaurateur to have faith in it.

The way I would define restaurant quality in the context of the shrimp presented, is that the portion sizes are what you would expect when you purchase butterfly shrimp with that prime rib dinner.

The food is whole too, not minced as some seafood is. Many times when you buy frozen seafood you get portions, not whole pieces.

After cooking (baked)

from the toaster oven, they retain a nice crispiness
from the toaster oven, they retain a nice crispiness

How do they fare?

Well, I would first like to let you know that in my rating, I cooked my batch in an oven - a toaster oven to be exact.

I much prefer fried food - and of course I think most people do.

When you get them from the restaurant, they are usually deep fried. That makes them crisper and for some reason when a professional cook prepares them, they just taste better. I think the hot oils create a crust that seals in the moisture and helps the inner part retain its flavor.

I bake mine at about 350 - sometimes 400 degrees - and glaze them with cooking spray. Sometimes I'll add a little bit of oil on the top so they taste like they've been fried. Even though the package says 6 minutes each side, I do about 10 or 12 and they come out fine.

Sea Pak Butterfly Shrimp

Portion Size

Even baked, Sea Pak manages to come out crispy


Even baked, the shrimp manages to come out crispy.

They make a really good snack as well and are cooked up in the oven really quick.

I would recommend this product for anyone who likes shrimp. You can taste a bit of the preservatives in it - but that's true with most foods. It's not quite as good as at the Sizler or Red Lobster, but at about 8 or 9 dollars for about five times the shrimp you would get eating out, it's certainly a deal.

Healthy? I'll let you decide.

If you are concerned about saturated fats or carbs you may want to go easy on the portion sizes - actually not too bad really
If you are concerned about saturated fats or carbs you may want to go easy on the portion sizes - actually not too bad really

There are healthier foods

Yes there certainly are healthier choices out there, but these shrimp make a great snack. And if you have a side of rice and veggies, you've got a well rounded meal.

I've listed some suggestions - and perhaps will publish some recipes - using these.

If you have any yourself, please feel free to share.

Are you curious about this product?

Did the review inspire you to try Sea Pak Shrimp

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Some suggestions for meals

Shrimp and Sauce
Baked shrimp with melted butter
Roasted Red Potatoes
Steamed Carrots
Shrimp with Teriyaki Sauce
White Rice
Broccoli and Cauliflower
With Steak (and steak sauce)
Baked Potatoe
Corn on the Cob
Garlic, butter sauce
Rice Pilaff
Carrots and Snow Peas

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