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Seafood- Catch Of The Day

Updated on April 9, 2011


Very nice with a glass of wine!
Very nice with a glass of wine!

Fresh Seafood

Are you a seafood lover and enjoy catching your own crabs, prawns or lobster either here in Australia or another part of the world ?

Seafood whatever it is , prawns , crab , lobster or fish all taste so much better when it is caught fresh by yourself and eaten the same day as well as having the thrill of the chase !

When in New Zealand we used to have fun going looking for cockles at the beach which we would enjoy for dinner that day once soaked in vinegar .

We caught yabbies in NSW which was fun as well .

As well as catching fish we have also been prawning at night down near the Lakes Entance in Victoria late at night which is great fun even though a lot of prawns sneak past the net so you have to be fast !

Soon we will bespending time in Dongara WA after I have keyhole surgery on my knees & while waiting 2 weeks to see the specialist we will spend time fishing & relaxing before traveling up the coast to onslow , Broome and Darwin before heading to Queensland and on the way we plan on doing some fishing as well as looking for other seafood .

As we do this I will be letting you know great places on the way to find the diferent types of seafood and our experiences - good and bad so follow along if you are a seafood fan!

Later on in the year we hope to go fishing at Weipa in Queensland for Barramundi which should be a lot of fun !

Anything we catch I will get a photo of and add to this site !

Before you go looking for and catching seafood check out the laws in your area as it is getting stricter with what you are allowed to take from the sea and you don't want to recieve a fine after a fun day out .


We are half hour inland from Mullewa
We are half hour inland from Mullewa


The lobster is regarded as a delicacy today, and as much as I have enjoyed as a treat a few times recently I am happy to keep it that way.

Our friend went out in their crayboat about 40 k's out from Port Gregory which is near Kalbarri  and that is where the ones we enjoyed were caught .

However if we had a craypot we would stand a good chance of catching one or two along the reef .

Hopefully as we travel up the coast we will have the experience of catching a lobster for ourselves .

They were dificult to break into , however worth the effort!

mquee 2 days ago

We go shrimping (prawning) here in SC. You are absolutely right, fresh seafood is a true treat and often tastes nothing like the preserved or frozen variety. Tasty looking morsels pictured here. Great hub for seafood lovers.

Eating Lobster

Hard to get into yet delicious!
Hard to get into yet delicious!

My Prawn Net

Hopefully catch more prawns !
Hopefully catch more prawns !

Prawn Cocktail



We did our Prawning in Victoria however no matter where you are in Australia, you’ll find a species of prawn. More important when considering location is whether it’s safe to prawn or not. Crocs, sharks and stingers should keep you inside the boat , will do me anyway !.

Prawns hatch and grow in warm, shallowwaters. Juveniles spend their early years in estuaries and coastal lakes before running to the sea as they approach maturity; these are the ones you want to catch leaving the baby prawns for next year !

We walked out wearing trousers & long sleeved tops with a net each , torch and a bucket between us

Running prawns move with the current and are the easiest to scoop because they are up off the bottom. In still water, they stay on the bottom and flick backwards when disturbed.  Use this to your advantage by gently placing a scoop net behind the prawn and then scaring them into the net from the front with your foot.


Crabs on the beach
Crabs on the beach

Fishing Gear

Our Boat for Fishing

Catching Crabs

It pays to try a few different spots and different stages of the tide until you start getting results. I prefer to put my nets in reasonably close to the shore. Not too close mind you as if the nets are placed too close to rocks etc you risk snagging them up as well as the fact that a lot of the rocky and kelp areas Different areas work at different stages of the tide. I suggest starting off crabbing on a rising tide and the best crabbing I have found is generally around high water.

In Australia Mud Crab or Scylla Serrata are easy to catch in a mud crab pot (top left) available from your fishing tackle shop. The best bait for mud crab is whole mullet (score the flesh down the the bone five times on each side), or chicken carcus or chicken knecks and set from a rope with float to mark the location. For best results, place in a river overnight boarded with mangroves not too far from the shore or off a jetty with oyster covered rocks underneath.

Ours were smaller !


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