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Less calorie food

Updated on March 17, 2014

Age group of a person and calories needed (it may vary according to height)

one to three years
four to six years
seven to eleven years
eleven to fourteen years
fifteen to eighteen years
nineteen to fifty-nine
sixty to seventy -four
seventy-five years onwards
male ---1715
male --1970
male -2755
male 2100
female --1845
female -1940
female --1810

Be careful while eating

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Irresistible chocolatesYummy ice cream
Irresistible chocolates
Irresistible chocolates
Yummy ice cream
Yummy ice cream

Maximum pleasure with less calorie count

Calorie counting

How we eat is just as crucial as what we eat.especially when we are gossiping with others it's easy to eat without awareness.At a party,we can eat an entire plate of food without calorie counting This happens when our attention is focused on our conversation and not on our food .After some time we peep into our plate and see it is empty and wonder ,Did we eat that?Here is when the calorie counting is at a miss.

Initially we hardly tasted what we ate .We had all those calories without pleasure.Which means 'maximum calorie counting and minimum pleasure' .If we eat with awareness we will have less calorie counting with more enjoyment .For example, I love chocolates.So I found a piece of dark chocolate, closed my eyes ,smelt it and put it in my mouth ,I noticed its flavour and texture and how it changes as the chocolate melts in my mouth.After a while I swallow it ,but I continue to savor all the flavor that changed and evolved over the next few minutes so here it was minimum calorie counting with maximum pleasure .

Do this to any food may it be ice cream or food at your dinning table we would experience exquisite pleasure with minimum calorie counting . The reverse of the above .

Sometimes we do take advantage of our unaware behaviour and make our kids eat their meal by engaging them in conversation .This means everything has it's advantages and disadvantages.In the case of our children we all take the advantage of their absent behaviour and trick them .

Its truly said that while eating at the dinning table we must stay quite and enjoy our food rather than chatting and consume plenty of calories unknowingly and later suffering from overeating and piling extra calories into our body.


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