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Shot Drinks, Alcoholic Cocktail Drink Recipes

Updated on December 28, 2015
Flaming B52
Flaming B52

Shot drink recipes for every party.

Every one loves a party, and having a round of shots now and then brings laughter to any party. Shot drinks are not simply a shot of spirits, but a more refined measure of pleasure. Here are some of the most popular drinks shots today.

Entice your guests by hiring a barman or woman for the evening to help mix the cocktails. Themed parties are an excellent idea and the names of each cocktail can be changed to fit in with your chosen theme.

Tequila Slammer


1 measure white tequila, 1 measure lemon juice, chilled sparkling white wine


Pour the lemon juice and tequila into a shot glass and stir. Top up with the wine, cover with your hand and slam down on the table, drink instantly.



1 measure baileys Irish Cream, 1 measure dark creme de cacao, 1 measure Grand Marnier


Pour creme de cacao into a shot glass, slowly pour in Baileys Irish Cream to make a second layer, the very slowly pour in Grand Marnier.

Mini Gunniness


1 measure Tia Maria, 1 measure baileys


Pour the tia maria into a shot glass, slowly pour the baileys over the top.

B52 (second version )


1 measure kahlua, 1 measure Baileys, 1 measure Grand Marnier


Pour Kahlua into shot glass, pour on the Baileys Irish Cream slowly, then pour in Grand Marnier, cover with your hand and slam then drink instantly.

NB Most cocktail ingredients can be delivered by a local party supply campany.

Banana Slip


1 measure cream of banana, 1 measure Baileys Iirsh Cream


Pour banana cream into a shot glass, pour Baileys slowly over to create two levels.

Alabama Slammer


Ice, 1 measure Southern Comfort, 1 measure Amarreto, 1/2 measure gin, 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice


Put ice into a tumbler, pour over gin, Amaretto and Southern Comfort, then stir. Strain into shot glass, add lemon juice, slam and drink

Body Tequila


1 measure tequila, one slice lemon, salt, one body of the opposite sex


Pour Tequila into shot glass, rub lemon on a body part of your intended victim, usually neck or shoulder, lick your hand and sprinkle a little salt on it. Ready, lick your salt, drink the Tequila then slowly lick or suck the lemon off of your victim. It's a great icebreaker.

Tequila Revenge


Four or five shot glasses, one bottle already opened Tequila ( not the white Tequila ), 1 carton apple juice, 1 victim, 3 other friends


Challenge the victim to a round of tequila shots, out of sight, pour into four of the glasses apple juice and pour the Tequila into one of the glasses, take the drinks to the table or where your friends are standing.

Give the Tequila glass to your victim, the rest of you have apple juice, do this several times within a two hour period, he or she is normally quite drunk and cannot wonder why you all seem so sober.

Please, when you down your apple juice in one go, screw your face up a bit to pretend that you have just drank Tequila.


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