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Simple "Fried Ice Cream" Recipe

Updated on January 4, 2020

Fried Ice Cream is Delicious

You will certain enjoy this desert.  It is fun to make too
You will certain enjoy this desert. It is fun to make too

A Little About Fried Ice Cream

There are various stories that relate to the creation of this desert. Officially, fried ice cream is usually made by breading the ice cream in a coating like corn flakes and then deep frying it quickly.

Given the fact that one can get almost anything deep fried today it seems no surprise to find this dish, even though the name sounds like an oxymoron. Once source cites the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair as the location from where this was first introduced. Others say that it was made popular in Philadelphia sometime during the same period. Still others believe that it was a Japanese invention where tempura was used to implement this concoction.

It's popularity became apparent in the 1980s however when a chain of Mexican restaurants offered it as a staple to their menu.

Either way, it is a fine dish and has many variations. You can work this to your liking as well.

Please see the link below for many of the references I made in this paragraph.


What You'll Need


Flour tortillas

Cinnamon Sugar

Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Syrup

Whipped Cream

Nuts or other toppings

Cooking Oil

Frying Pan

Brown the Tortilla in Hot Oil

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Brown Your Tortilla

Heat about two tablespoons of cooking oil in a large skillet. It should just be enough to cover the bottom. Heat the tortilla over medium heat until browned lightly and evenly.

Note: When bubbles appear press down with a spatula until they dissipate and flatten. You want the tortilla to be crisp but not overdone. It should still have a little bit of give in it.

Dry and Coat

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Dry and Powder

When browned, remove from the oil and let drain.

Liberally sprinkle some Cinnamon sugar on each side of the disc. Let it set a bit for the flavor to sink it and for it to cool down slightly.

As a variation, you may want to try to cook it in the shape of a bowl, as some restaurants do. I don't have the tools or know how to do this, but I am sure there are some cooks out there reading this who can.

You may also want to slice the cooked tortilla into triangles. Those make great decorations and added flair.

For the purposes of this article, I am going to simply use it as a place to rest the ice cream on.

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Add Ice Cream and Syrup

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Add the Ice Cream

Scoop some vanilla - or your flavor choice - on top of the "plate" you made from the tortilla.

Add some chocolate syrup or other toppings if you wish. You can get a bit creative. Your kids may be impressed with a special design. You can cut out triangles from another. You can make faces or other doodles.

Whipped Cream Etc.

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Whipped Cream and More

I enjoy whipped topping thoroughly. It is great on coffee, on sundays or tasty on a spoon. Don't eat the spoon though - unless it is made of chocolate.

You can get creative with this part too. I like to make small dots around the edges so it provides a bit of a frame.

I topped everything with sliced almonds for added flavor.

It came out pretty good.

How did this recipe work out for you?

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© 2020 Finn


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