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Heaven and Eggs Rock and Roll, Eastwood

Updated on January 14, 2011

Heaven and Eggs Rock and Roll

First time to hear about the place

What a nice name for a Restaurant, Heaven and Eggs, considering myself as someone who loves Egg dishes, I am more than curious about what the place can offer. First heard of it when my other pet websites Passion-for-pets and English Bulldog of Philippines, joined in one Christmas party and they were completing the list of attendees. This won't be an ordinary christmas party because, attendees will definitely brings their dogs.

The Place

Our Group occupied the whole 2nd Floor of Heaven and Eggs, the place is cozy and comfortable but not appropriate to a large group party specially if attending with dogs.

Majority of the attendees were English Bulldog Owners, whose size is out of the question. My Peso is Philippine Local Dog but he is also in the larger side. But in spite of, I will still recommend this to all fellow dog lover friends who often think of simple celebrations for their dogs' birthday...

The Meal Package

The meal package is P400.00 per head, which I think is fair enough.

This include an Iced tea, Servings of Delicious Appetizers and Pasta Carbonara.

The appetizers that they serve gave me reasons why I will come back to the place again. The triangular shaped, stuffed with ham and cheese, reminded me of the Taco Bell's delicious Quesadillas, the edge of this is its tasty dip, that really matched the taste of Ham and Cheese.

The thin crunchy bread with tuna toppings is another blast. Healthy because of the tuna and yet the taste was never compromised.

The Pasta carbonara is tasty though very simple. Those who prefers pasta in white sauce will definitely like this. Thier serving is good enough for one Person.

Though I haven't tasted the best from H & E, I will still recommend this to friends who wants to try good foods  with a rock and roll ambiance



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    • profile image

      ed77burns 7 years ago

      Rolling like roller coaster..Find it funny.Good work.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 7 years ago from Philippines

      ninimi working on in....

    • profile image

      ninimihairani 7 years ago

      hahah, you should make it ! LOL

      i will read it..eeheee...

      OK i will email or send message on your facebook.

      twitter is also OK..

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 7 years ago from Philippines

      Ninimi I almost make a blog on how I miss the Queen so much. will email you soon

    • profile image

      ninimihairani 7 years ago

      Deokman, wee miss you at soompi.

      the thread is quiet move everyday, we share anything.

      and you know what?

      Yowon's upcoming drama is coming soon !! heheh

      i have sent email to you,

      and just tweet or email me if you want to ask

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 7 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Prasetio, I am not sure if Heaven and Eggs is all about Philippine cuisine, but I enjoy meeting friends in any restaurant that I first visited....Thanks for visiting friend

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      You always share about Philippines cuisine. Very information and nice report from you. I thought you often come to this restaurant and you have tested all the menu. I'll put this place on my culinary list, and I hope this useful if I go to Philippines someday. Happy New Year, Maria.

      Blessing and hugs,