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So Why Would You Buy A Gas Grill?

Updated on June 18, 2014

There is a wide variety of barbecue grills and smokers on the market today and, if you are looking to buy one, you may be wondering what your best option would be. Here are some good reasons why you may want to consider a gas grill.


Charcoal and propane gas grills have proved to be the most popular choices in the marketplace by far. However, other types of grills have also found their niche amongst outdoor cooks, such as electric and natural gas grills, as well as barbecue smokers. Each type comes in different sizes, shapes and special adaptations.

Barbecue smokers should really be considered on their own as a separate category, due to the rather different nature of this style of cooking and the more patient mindset in which the "low and slow" method is approached. Almost an art form, one might say. Barbecue smokers are also available in charcoal, gas or electric varieties. (Read more here.)

Each type of grill has pros and cons to its use. Electric grills are typically found indoors or near to a power socket and may be unavailable should the electricity supply be cut, unless you have a generator handy. A natural gas grill can be fed from the house supply, but that would limit the use of the grill to the confines of the house or close by.

Propane gas grills have the drawback of having a few more working parts than a charcoal grill, which means more could go wrong. Also, the gas could simply run out at any time, which is quite a hassle to refill, compared to buying another bag of charcoal for a charcoal grill. But a gas grill does offer much to make your barbecue experience pleasant and rewarding.

Summer Breezin'

Serious barbecue enthusiasts will not let a bit of snow deter them from their beloved pastime but, in general, only folk enjoying the milder climes of the southern states are able to enjoy an outdoor barbcue in winter. Those in the harsher northern regions will not find it an attractive idea to try and stir charcoal into life with freezing fingers and then waiting around as the coals struggle against the biting wind and snowflakes to take flame. A gas grill overcomes this problem easily, with instant ignition and heat control.

Cleaning Stations

The disposal of ashes is a sizeable inconvenience when using a charcoal grill, but this problem does not arise when using a gas grill, which only requires a once-over with a brass bristle brush and a cloth before you can store it until the next cookout.

Accessories - Or: Where The Meat Meets The Heat

Gas grills may come with any number of clever adaptations to make your life easier. There is a cooking surface for every need, whether you plan a basic barbecue, or need a flat grill, ribbed grill, or even a wok-shaped plate for preparing your pasta or stir-fry. And how about a non-stick option for real convenience, or a rotisserie set for that perfect Sunday roast?

Dual Heat

Higher-quality gas grills may have two burners for better heat distribution. This may also allow you to simultaneously cook dishes that require different levels of heat. You may also have a handy warmer section, to keep warm the food that is already done.

How Hot Is This Confounded Thing?

You will have seen the 'barbecue maestro' holding a flat hand above the coals and declaring in an authoritative voice, "Yes, sirree, she's ready now!" If you tried the same thing, all you would get is a burnt palm and be none the wiser whether to start grilling the steaks or not. The sensible way is to buy a thermometer for your charcoal grill, to take the guesswork - and pain - out of the equation and get a perfectly grilled steak, cooked at exactly the right heat for just the right length of time. So much easier with the built-in gauge that your gas grill boasts.

On The Road Again

A gas grill is easy to take along on your travels, should you wish to do so. You need to consider this option when purchasing your grill and choose a small enough grill and gas canister for this purpose.


Handling a propane gas canister requires sensible safety precautions, despite the fact that it has an excellent safety record. It could be argued that the open flames of a charcoal grill is much more of a hazard, both during the grilling process and with the disposal of the ashes. Great care should be taken that the coals are thoroughly dowsed before disposal.

The simplicity of the charcoal grill is a big plus in its favor, and some menfolk absolutely love the sense of adventure in the whole barbecue experience, from start to finish. But there is good cause to be partial towards a gas grill. All that remains is for you to make your choice and let the good times roll!


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