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Solving Problems in the Kitchen

Updated on October 29, 2019

Hey guys, Blogger Chef here and today I wanted to bring you this article in which I go over some of the most common problems or issues people face while in the kitchen or cooking. These problems occur from cooking, bad equipment, or issues with appliances and could be from your actions or could just randomly pop up. In these situations, most people will most likely ignore or try to solve the problem, but could face challenges in doing so. In this article, I will be considering some of the most common issues people tend to have while in the kitchen and will help with a solution for you guys to try.

In the kitchen things break every day, things go bad every day, and some unfortunate luck can ruin a day for anybody trying to get something in the kitchen. It could be something major that could require replacement or simple issues that require little to no attention. Let’s get started with some issues I tend to see as well. A problem some people face on the daily is the fact that their kitchen is small and don't have enough counter space to cook in peace. This issue could be a hard one to challenge because barring getting a new kitchen you won't be able to add counter space by just moving some things here and there. If you find yourself in this situation and wanted to find some extra counter space you could buy a pot rack to store any pots and pans that may be found in the way, getting an immersion blender which allows for easy storage because of the small size, and you could buy a storage rack to move any unnecessary things on the counter top. These are three potential solutions that clear up counter space and increase your work space to allow you to work more comfortable.

Addressing the counter space issues is a difficult challenge, but now as hard as when your washing your dishes and your garbage disposal stops working suddenly. It has happened to me a couple of times and could prove to be infuriating because it's not fun to stick your hand inside a sink. In most cases when your garbage disposal stops working you should first try hitting the reset button, which is conveniently on the disposal itself underneath the sink. You hit the button once or twice and with luck that should do it. If not, then you will have disconnected the disposal first and then stick your hand inside the sink hole and remove any potential blockage. I would recommend putting some ice cubes in the garbage disposal and grind it to try to get it to work. If these attempts fail, then your out of luck and you may have to replace it, if you don't have any insurance on it.

Replacing your garbage disposal is never fun, however opening your fridge and there being a weird smell could be a potentially greater challenge. If your ever faced with a smelly fridge or freezer than it is more than likely caused by food that has gone bad. The food might have gone bad due to time or bad temperature. Don't worry the smell will be gone if you throw away the expire food, give the bins, racks, and shelves a good wash with soap and water, and allow the appliance to air out. Once you allow it to air out, adjust the temperature accordingly and put some baking soda in it to avoid any future smells.

A major problem most people are faced in the kitchen is not having enough time to cook and relying on fast food. This is a challenge for most people working a full-time job, students, and just about anyone who doesn't dedicate their lives to food. I understand that it could be difficult to get everything together, prepped, cooked, and clean, but there are ways to shorten up this time or get ahead by having the right equipment. If you find yourself pressed for time when it comes to cooking, then you should consider buying a pressure cooker or slow cooker because they allow you to throw some things together and you press a button to let it do the cooking for however long you want. You can set it up to low temperatures so it's safe to leave unattended. Another great time savor is a food chopper. This little piece of equipment will chop most veggies, nuts, fruits, etc., in seconds to your desired size. It's quick, efficient and not that costly.

No doubt the food chopper is a dependable tool, but another challenge people face while in the kitchen is not having a reliable knife and cutting board. The chef's knife is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the kitchen and should be treated nicely. A good knife will allow you to cut even slices and help avoid injury. A good cutting board will help cut the food easier and allow you to keep a clean surface. The issue most people find with them knifes is that they don't take care of them properly or they don't own the proper knife's. Every kitchen needs a reliable chef's knife that sharpened and honed regularly. A knife if never supposed to go inside a dishwasher because it ruins them and should be stored properly avoid dents. These are important tools in a kitchen that can impact your cooking significantly. I would recommend you buy a good knife to cook with because it will make your life and helps avoid any potential injury that may happen when using a knife.

Just a quick recap of what we just learned is that in the kitchen we may find ourselves with challenges that we may or not see coming. What we choose to do about those challenges can have a big impact on how are daily lives. Improving counter space can increase your work space to create even better meals, discovering your garbage disposal stopped working randomly can make washing dishes a hassle, but knowing how to fix it may be a life saver. For those people who don't have enough time to cook, then you can help fix that by buying a couple a helpful tool to speed up the process and owning a proper chef's knife and cutting board will help you grow as chef. Hopefully, these helped solve some of your basic kitchen problems.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Blogger Chef


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