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South African White Wine - Rouwkes Drift Western Cape Chenin Blanc

Updated on November 26, 2016

Lovely Vino!

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Do you consider yourself to be a bit of an old wino? Or, to put it a little bit more delicately, are you something of an aficionado of the grape? A connoisseur? An oenophile? There are an awful lot of different ways to characterise wine-lovers: and some are definitely more flattering than others! (Of course I, and you reading this, are of the more refined and less staggering in the street variety. At least, I'm sure you are.)

There are lots of variations between different types of wine drinkers. Some of us are simple souls, who may have a very basic preference in terms of red, rose or white, sweet or dry, south African or Chilean, French or German. Some have a deep and detailed knowledge of the subject, including grape types, terroir etc., and like to bore everyone around them by continually proving it (when they could be drinking instead.) Some of us go mostly for a pretty bottle combined with a beady eye on the price ticket! (That’s me, with my hand up at the back of the class.)

How Much Should You Spend On Wine?

I usually aim to economise with respect to my drinking habits, and my normal spend is almost always under four quid a bottle (and that's pounds sterling). Sometimes I even pick up a bottle for three quid or under, and I've never found anything utterly, truly undrinkable yet (except perhaps the cherry wine that tasted like cough mixture). My more discerning friends have been known to suggest that this doesn't reflect too well on my palate, but it's certainly good for my pocket.

However, there does exist the (very) rare occasion when I decide to splash out instead. This might be a birthday, visiting friends or relatives and wanting to give a housegift that's not completely tight, celebrating a job offer or exam pass or something of this nature. On these occasions I may splash out and spend five, six, maybe up to eight quid on a bottle. Wooh, big spender!

My bottle of Rouwke’s Drift Western Cape Chenin Blanc was purchased on one of these occasions, and I have to say it was worth the bit extra over and above what I'd normally spend. I'm not that familiar with South African white wine brands, but this was certainly a cut above. That crucial touch smoother and milder than a cheaper wine, this South African white went down very smoothly indeed. At 12% volume it's not necessarily too strong for a 'school' night, and I certainly found that it complemented our vegetarian supper very well indeed. Looking for a slightly more upmarket drinking experience? Try it out!


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