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Spicy potato wedges.

Updated on March 31, 2015

Easy to make,cooks quickly in oven.

Spicy warming potato wedges.


serves 6-8 people

1kg white potatoes

i large onion.

1 pint vegetable stock.

salt and pepper to taste

half teaspoon of cumin.

half teaspoon of dried basil.

half teaspoon of dried oregano.

one teaspoon of dried rosemary

one teaspoon dried chillie powder.

one teaspoon gara masala.


peel and slice potatoes in to 2 cm thick slices.

using large baking tray, lay out sliced potatoes on tray.

finely chop up onion, sprinkle over potatoes.

use all herbs,and sprinkle over potatoes.

make up vegetable stock, cover potatoes.

cover potatoes with tin foil.

put in oven at gas mark 6 for 35 minutes.

allow to cool slightly before serving.

serve in to soup bowls, with crusty fresh bread for dipping in to the potatoe sauce.

Great as a starter or as a main meal.

Home Made Best.

I have to say,these are always best made from home.ive tried a lot of shop bought spicy wedges,and with the exception of maybe one or two they tend to be pretty tasteless.either too hot,or to do it yourself.

Costs Very Little.

I think this meal cost less than £2 to make.a basic bag of potatoes and spices from your cupboard.

Look good.taste better.

Tasty snack.

Costs little,fills a lot.

The last time I made potato wedges, I bought a bag of potatoes for £1.50. They made three batches of wedges, which fed my family for nearly three nights. I think they are a bargain to buy and produce.They taste fantastic,there's no limitations to flavours.You can add pretty much any flavour whether it be spicy or slightly sweeter. Try them all,they are great.

Speedy Dish for the Working Person, Great Winter Warmer. Very Cost Effective.

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    • Leland Johnson profile image

      Leland Johnson 2 months ago from Midland MI

      this recipe looks smashing! I'm cooking spicey chicken wings. This recipe would compliment them nicely. Great job.