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Starbuck's Tazo Teas, more than just tea

Updated on March 16, 2008

Tea lovers worldwide reunite!


When the word Starbucks is pronounced what usually hits our minds is a nice, steamy cup of coffee. Starbucks after all, has become the icon of coffee, the king of all coffee shops, the place to hang out with colleagues and friends. What many though, may not know is that Starbucks offers more than just an extensive variety of coffee blends.

Thanks to Starbuck's partnership with Tazo since 1999, today Starbucks offers tea as well. And lots of tea... Just taking a look at Starbuck's menu may give you an idea that tea is much more than just a tiny bag infused in water.

Starbucks Tazo teas are living proof that tea can turn into a unique culinary experience. Tea lovers may be intrigued by the variety of teas offered and may sit down debating on which tea to try first. Each tea is granted to produce a different variety of emotions to the tea appreciator.

Tazo teas are carefully packed to ensure highest quality and freshness. Each blend is carefully selected and all aromas are the result of minute measurements to ensure consistent flavors. Tazo teas have tried to remain faithful to ancient historical mixtures and has been able to bring back these century old flavors into our modern lives.

Tazo teas produces more than eighty variety of teas, which can be categorized into four basic varieties: black teas, green teas, white teas and herbal teas.

All three tea varieties are basically produced from the same plant: Camellia sinensis however, it is the way they are processed that makes the difference.

Black teas are also known as Assam teas and are produced mainly in the Assam region located in Northern India. If you order black tea, be informed that this tea is the strongest of all, however, it still has a hint of sweetness that makes its taste pretty unique. Black tea is exposed to air shortly after it has been harvested. This exposure to oxygen causes oxidation which is what causes the leaves to blacken. Earl gray, Awake, Chai, and the sophisticated Darjeeling are examples of Black teas. They are mostly invigorating teas with caffeine that are best if enjoyed at breakfast.

Green tea is mostly produced in China. It has a different flavor than black tea, sort of a hint of fresh grass. Green tea is exposed to steam, the steam conserves its natural green color and minimizes the oxidation process. This tea contains less caffeine than black tea, making it the ideal 5 o' clock afternoon break tea. Om, Zen, Green Ginger, Jasmine silver, and China Green are examples of tantalizing green teas produced by Tazo and available at your local Starbucks.

White tea derives from the most young and tender leaves and some buds are added as well. These buds and leaves are carefully protected from the sun so they remain light in color. The leaves and buds are then dried and prevented from oxidizing, thus, they remain light in color and with a unique, delicate flavor. Berry blossom is a delicate white tea produced by Tazo with contrasting cranberry and blueberry flavors, amidst its white tea subtle hints.

Herbal tea is what the name suggests. It is the product of various herbs infused together. These teas may have soothing effects such as Tazo's Calm filter bags produced with chamomille, or may have refreshing properties such as Tazo's Refresh made with Peppermint and Spearmint. There are many other herbal teas to try such as warming sweet cinnamon spice, wild sweet orange, Passion, Lemon Mate' and African Red bush, they all have very distinct flavors that will be sure to surprise you.

As you have seen tea for Tazo means definitely more than just a tiny bag brewed in simple water, it can be an enriching experience even for the novice tea appreciator. So, next time you stop by your local Starbuck's do not be shy to try a new tea variety, you will be delightly surprised!



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      10 years ago

      I like tea ... tea is very beneficial for health ... good article about the Tazo tea ... very informative and helpful for me ... would you give a comment on my hub

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Hi, what a nice hubI agree that green tea has many benefit for health,beside made long life for human body it's goodfor every people ,every age.Have Nice day


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