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Sting Energy Drink Philippines

Updated on September 2, 2010

Sting Energy Drink

Do you feel as if you are out of energy? That you no longer have what it takes to move further?

You should try out Sting energy drink in the Philippines!

I love drinking Sting Energy Drink especially when I need that extra energy to push my body and mind and allow me to do more. This carbonated drink comes in my favorite strawberry flavor that has caffeine, ginseng extract, inositol, taurine, vitamins B3, B6, B12, and other stuff that will surely keep me up and going especially when I need to.

I've been drinking it every morning now and take it instead of coffee. It actually tastes better than coffee because of the red strawberry flavor that I love. And now, even if I am so tired the night before or even if I am sleepless I am given the energy that I need to get my tasks done and do the other stuff and activities that I want to do.

My and my friends drinking Sting Energy Drink
My and my friends drinking Sting Energy Drink

Sting Energy Drink in the Philippines

Caffeine is amazing. Even when you feel like you are going to pass out because of lack of energy, caffeine can give you that extra kick that will propel you and push your body and mind. I drink sting energy drink all the time. Every time I do, I no longer have to be sleepy or tired and I can be in my full strength again. And this isn't just for my body, it also awakens my mind helping me to think clearly in times when I am running out of energy.

Even me and my friends always drink it. There are so much stress in the day because of mandatory work such as schooling, work, and other stuff we are forced to do, but because of sting energy drink we can have more time and and more energy and get to do all the things we want to do.

Sting TVC 2010

Sting Philippines TVC

The series of funny Sting Philippines ads are just perfect at conveying what sting energy drink can do for you. You will be able to do things you never thought you could do! You can be what you've always wanted to be. As much as it is entertaining, it is also there is also a sense of truth in them. You can now push yourself and become more than you expected and have more energy when you thought you are already out! These are just a few of the amazing benefits of Sting Energy Drink in the Philippines!

Funny Sting Ad Video

Sting Energy Drink

Being tired is an illusion. It is all in your mind. There is that real strength that lies inside of you. Ideally, we are all built with potential energy. Every single part of your body is made up of protons and electrons that can just explode with energy and produce immeasurable amounts of work. There is no such thing as being tired. This is all made up by the media in order to condition our minds and force us to be a part of the routine and confined reality. Free yourself by drinking sting energy drink!



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    • profile image

      DJ ALLAN PAWIKAN 5 years ago

      Great commercial concept...maybe Radio Commercial will somehow help for product movement...Bombo Radyo Philippies.

    • profile image

      ralph roi romano 5 years ago

      how would i contact someone from sting,just want to ask permission of something, im rr of gma7.

    • profile image

      neil 6 years ago

      is sting allowed to minors???

    • profile image

      rex  7 years ago

      may i audition for the next sting commercial???

    • profile image

      rex 7 years ago

      may i audition for the next sting commercial???