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The Expeditions of a Culinary Novice(series)#1.

Updated on February 3, 2019
Amrutha Balachandran profile image

Amrutha is an online writer and hopeless foodie, she loves to cook but mostly loves to eat.


Stuffed wheat pancakes.

Pancakes are always the ideal breakfast material, wait.. they are more than just a breakfast material.This time let's try something very different from the banana filled, vanilla essence rich, pancakes we are very familiar with.

Bringing to you something from the south Indian cuisine, a simple snack called 'gothambu ada' translated as stuffed wheat pancakes'.

I was always in awe of how cultures are gracefully ,flawlessly fused together be it in a dance form,in literature or even in food.But its kind of sad that people don't notice how we are all connected by invisible threads(no I am not talking about the internet),the spirit of globalization lies in the idea of feeling at home in a place that is no where near home,connecting people through food is in itself a very warm attempt to that' feel like home ' feeling.

I don't think a person living in south india will ever consider that the food they eat is similar to the western cuisine, so is the case of other countries. And I strongly believe,every distinct cuisine, is just different versions of the same thing.

I think we should go back to why you are originally here..the expeditions of a culinary novice or in better less fancy words ,my experiments as a beginner in cooking.In a series of such small stories I'll share with you ,what it feels like to be a South Indian girl,trying to crack the mystery behind the taste buds .

So what do we need?

  • Wheat floor (of course/2 cups).
  • Jaggery or sugar(1/4 cup).. (but that's upto you, the sweeter the merrier).
  • Grated coconut (1/2 cup).
  • Water, a little bit of oil and salt

Now let's get cooking...

  • Mix the flour, jaggery(or sugar), coconut together in a bowl,add a little bit of salt.
  • Keep adding water to the mixture very slowly so as to form a thick batter (make sure it isn't too watery).
  • Grease a pan with a little bit of oil and place a small portion of the batter, spread it in the form of a small circle.
  • Wait till the batter is golden brown, flip it so the other side is cooked.

Repeat the process with the rest of the batter.

Your pancake is hot and ready to eat.See, its so simple that absolutely anyone can try this,let's warm up your cooking muscles and learn more tasty things to keep your tummy and heart full.I strongly believe that we should always start with something simple ,after which we can always move on to tastier far more complex things.So happy cookin people!!

© 2019 Amrutha Balachandran


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