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Subway Wagyu Beef Sub Review

Updated on May 25, 2015

As part of their new advertising campaign, Subway have launched a new sandwich, the Wagyu Beef sub, for a limited amount of time.

For those that are unaware, Wagyu (Japanese word that means ‘Japanese cattle’) beef refers to beef produced from breeds of cattle that have intense marbling and a high proportion of oleaginous unsaturated fat. It is renowned for being the finest beef in the world with it’s rich flavour and tenderness. It demands high prices in all markets often in excess of $300 USD per kg at retailers.

Subway’s Wagyu beef comes in the form of a thin processed patty, not to dissimilar to a hamburger patty It doesn’t taste a hell of a lot different to a hamburger patty either and if you’re going to compare it to the Kobe Wagyu beef fillet you had at a high class restaurant ... well don’t.

So is it really Wagyu beef?

At $7.95 AUD for a 6 inch sub, I have my doubts (maybe a kind Subway insider can inform us what it really is in the comments!) – perhaps there is a very small percentage Wagyu beef content in the patty. Also, if the Wagyu beef is ground/minced doesn’t it lose it’s intense marbling, which is the crux of what makes it so great in the first place?

I had my Wagyu beef in a 6 inch Italian, Herb and Cheese bread roll with cheddar cheese and the new tomato relish (which is quite decent and Subway recommend you to have on the Wagyu beef sub).

For the nutritionally concerned here is the energy and macronutrient content of the Wagyu Beef sub with tomato relish (based on 6 inch white/wheat sub with meat, cheese and salads):

  • 461 calories (1930kJ)
  • 27.4g protein
  • 41.7g carbohydrates (11.8g sugar)
  • 19.4g fat (7.9g saturated)
  • 876mg sodium

Overall, it was an average sub - I personally prefer the steak and cheese sub over it.

What is your favourite Subway bread?

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    • profile image

      tamjwhite 6 years ago

      the worst subway I have ever had in my life, it doesn't even resemble steak