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Eating in Season - Spring & Summer Fruits and Veggies

Updated on July 5, 2011

Spring Fruits and Vegetables


  • Apricots should be slightly soft, but unbruised.
  • Ripe apricots are fragrant and golden orange.


  • Look for artichoke with compact head and ripe green color.


  • Buy bright green stalks.
  • Tips should be closed and compact.


  • Gently squeeze an avocado in the palm of your hand to see if there's a little give.
  • Solid avocados take 2-3 days to ripen at home.


  • Healthy-looking tops are an indication of freshness.
  • Carrots should be crisp, and not look tired or limp.

Collard Greens

  • Fresh collards have a dark green color and feel vibrant and firm
  • Avoid wilted or yellowed leaves.

Fava Beans

  • Find firm pods without many markings.


  • Ripe mangoes' skins are more orange/red than green.
  • Squeeze gently in the palm of the hand to determine ripeness.


  • Avoid dried out morels, as they spoil quickly.
  • Morels will last at most two days, refrigerated.

Mustard Greens

  • Buy fresh-looking and crispy greens.
  • Check for yellowing spots or wilting.

New Potatoes

  • New potatoes only last a few days, and are not as hardy as the regular sort.


  • Sniff the bottom for sweet aroma, and check for firmness.
  • Pineapples cannot be ripened at home.



  • Avoid dried-out or yellowing-stemmed spinach.


  • Pick fragrant, slightly soft strawberries.
  • See "Rhubarb"

Sugar Snap/Snow Peas

  • Should be bright green when ripe.
  • Make sure they're not limp, and feel like they'd have a snap.

Summer Fruits and Vegetables


  • Buy beets with greens still attached.
  • Greens should be colorful and not wilted.


  • Look for dark, plump berries.
  • Lift container to check for mold in the bottom.


  • As with all berries, check container for mold.


  • Fresh broccoli has a compact head and dark green color.


  • Sort through cherries by hand.
  • Pick mold-free, plump cherries with vibrant color.


  • A green husk, tight around the cob, indicates freshness.
  • Eat as soon as possible after shucking.


  • Avoid limp or bruised cucumbers.


  • Choose firm, unblemished eggplants.
  • Use within a few days of purchase.

Green Beans

  • Avoid picking dried-out beans.
  • Use quickly, since they don't keep long.


  • Find nectarines soft to the touch.
  • Check for bruises and/or green spots.


  • Pick peaches without bruises or marks.
  • Ripe peaches will give to gentle pressure.


  • Ripe plumbs feel plump and not too hard.


  • Raspberries should be plump and deep red.
  • Look for squashed berries inside containers.

Summer Squash

  • Check firmness and look for blemishes.


  • Look for firm, bright, strong-smelling tomatoes.
  • Never refrigerate, as this destroys taste and texture.


  • Ripe watermelon is yellowish on the underside.
  • A good watermelon has a dried-out stem; a green stem indicates under-ripeness.


  • Select shiny, blemish-free zucchini.


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    • STEVEW13 profile image

      Steve Wright 

      9 years ago from Norwich, England

      awesome hub :) I am reading all about fruits and veggies today and adding a few more pages to my website about the calories that they contain, you have given me some good ideas here :) Thanks

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      thank you very much for this inforation they are very importante in our life

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      thanks this helped me with my home work

    • Enzie Shahmiri profile image

      Enzie Shahmiri 

      9 years ago from Laguna Hills, California

      Wonderful tips Maddie. I need to bookmark this page :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i love fruits

    • carolyn a. ridge profile image

      carolyn a. ridge 

      9 years ago

      This is still a great hub. What are morels? Yes, collard greens are dark green and course; mustard greens are light green and dainty. I love them both (cooked both on Sunday).

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      love mango

    • SammySammo profile image


      9 years ago from Boston, MA

      This is perfect for the fruit-challenged. =)

    • carolyn a. ridge profile image

      carolyn a. ridge 

      9 years ago

      Wow !!! I got hungry just reading this. I love all things, fruit and veggies ( with the exception of a few). This is great. A lot of times, I don't eat meat; I just eat the fruit and veggies. Lots of people think I'm strange; and they are correct. Delicious article.

    • ChristinCordle12 profile image


      10 years ago

      Good for diet.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Healthy food habits is a secret of healthy life.Healthy food includes green vegetables, fruits etc.This article has explained the various benefits of different fruits and vegetables.Hence this will help to take adequate amount of them accordingly in summer and spring season.

    • crystolite profile image


      10 years ago from Houston TX

      Wonderful article.

    • profile image

      pie lover 

      10 years ago

      i like pie

    • profile image

      vanshika agarwal 

      12 years ago


    • profile image

      sambhav agarwal bm-169 

      12 years ago


    • profile image

      Mor Inbar  

      12 years ago

      great information thanks

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      that was a thourough list

      pretty cool

    • llongoria0 profile image


      12 years ago from SATURN

      great, thanks for posting this maddie

    • profile image

      Garden Furniture 

      13 years ago from Harrogate

      Great hub and very interesting hubpage.

    • profile image


      13 years ago

      this is really helpful thank you maddie you lovely girl

    • Maddie Ruud profile imageAUTHOR

      Maddie Ruud 

      13 years ago from Oakland, CA

      Yes? Did you have a question?

    • profile image


      13 years ago


    • julieannevanzyl profile image


      13 years ago from Gold Coast

      This is a great list Maddie, there's a few things there, I've never heard of before. Thank you.

    • spacebull profile image


      14 years ago from Space

      This one is useful :)

    • jstankevicz profile image


      14 years ago from Cave Creek

      Thanks for the tips on picking out good fruit and vegetables. Nothing more frustrating than buying a great looking item and find that it’s inedible! Regards, Jack

    • profile image


      14 years ago

      i'm going to print this out and take it with me to the market. great list! thanks. :D


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