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Sweet Revenge

Updated on September 2, 2015
A variety of teas, to sooth
A variety of teas, to sooth | Source
The chefs  : Sarah and Demaris
The chefs : Sarah and Demaris | Source
My daughter Rose enjoying breakfast
My daughter Rose enjoying breakfast | Source
A charming sign..
A charming sign.. | Source
Cards | Source
A wonderful waiter, Carmine
A wonderful waiter, Carmine | Source
Front opening , wooden floor , charming little tables, love this place
Front opening , wooden floor , charming little tables, love this place | Source
Here is the menu for all to see
Here is the menu for all to see | Source
A place where you could come and sit and have a drink over business or pleasure
A place where you could come and sit and have a drink over business or pleasure | Source
This is the owner. Marlo Scott: this is the story of how she turned a little place into a successful business.  May she have many more successful years
This is the owner. Marlo Scott: this is the story of how she turned a little place into a successful business. May she have many more successful years | Source

A Place to Forget for awhile

"Sweet Revenge" that is the name of the place. It's a little place that a person probably wouldn't think twice about when passing it on the street. It has all the quaint little decorations that a little place like this has. I would think that someone would love to take a book and sit with a nice cappuccino in the autumn sun and forget about life just a little while. It was a couple months ago I happened to stumble on the place. I do not know Manhatten NY. I really did find the place by accident. as a matter of fact when I sat down in the little place for the first time and ordered my little blueberry scone and my cappuccino, I thought I found a little piece of paradise.

it was in the month of February that I found this place. It had all the charms that I am partial too. I was glad then to have that experience.

A couple of days ago, I was in Manhatten for the very same reason I was there a couple of months ago, and honestly I wasn't thinking about this place. All I know is that I was walking with my daughter after a hard day and I happened to see it by accident. My mind was so full of everything that had happened that day. Then I saw it from the corner of my eyes. That little place of paradise. I was more than happy leading my daughter by the hand to spend some mother/daughter time with her. I now know where it is.

I told Rose to order what she wanted and she chose to have what is called a breakfast burrito bowl. I chose eggs benedict which is my favorite, with turkey bacon instead of ham.

After filling up on a lovely breakfast,, I decided to talk to the chefs and the waiter. I asked What inspired them with their food, especially the cupcakes that they have. they told me that recipes are taking from all over the world and passed down from chef to chef.

One of biscuits that they sell is inspired from the south. It is called the Deep south biscuit.

It is a dense buttery biscuit that I know fills the tummy.

They had on display cupcakes that were more of adult cakes. Banana Walnut, I got a box of 4 different things so that my daughter and I could try them and I could tell you about them.

They have a muffin called Sweet Revenge, and no wonder they call it that, because when I tasted it I was surprised that I never tasted anything to it's equal.

The ingredients they use are all constant and fresh . The chefs were in the kitchen named Sarah and Demaris gave me permission to mention them by name and take their picture.

The waiter's name was Cameron. I didn't get a chance to meet the owner but she has an article written about the place on the counter, but I felt it was worth mentioning it again. I am looking forward to going back there again, and I know I'll bring a book, order cappuccino and a scone and enjoy my time there.

come visit Sweet Revenge 62 Carmine St. New York NY 10014


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      3 years ago from Shelton

      what a wonderful share.. I saw a sign like that on 52nd street lounge.. had a terrible day step in and do your wine-in...:) have I been there? hmmm.. next time I'll make it a certain to stop and tell them you sent me back...:) bless you


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