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Taco Bravo Stories: The First Meal

Updated on August 21, 2016

The story of my first Taco Bravo meal

As stated in the previous Taco Bravo Story, that little taco stand on S. Bascom has many stories to tell. But like meeting a new person, it’s the proper introduction that first makes the impression on an individual. So what kind of impression did Taco Bravo leave on me after the first encounter?

It all started on an average Saturday night in September 2005. I was celebrating my 18th birthday in a suite at the Pruneyard Plaza Hotel. My room had a balcony (perfect for smoking cigars), a flat screen TV, a hot tube, steam room/shower and a min-refrigerator. For the alcohol; I had also acquired a 30 pack of Miller Highlife, 12 pack of Heineken, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of Jack and a bottle of Southern Comfort (I guess burnouts are good for something).

Among those attending were my bro, A-Train, Jim, John (Jim’s brother), Anthony along with a few other guys and women. At most only 10 people were present that night with only those named being important. It was going to be a night of booze, poker, and a night of begging for sex by some.

It was around 10:30 along with the 8th or 12th shot along with the 5th beer of those who mattered that night; we were hungry yet only A-Train had the mental capability to venture out for a meal. So he ventured to Taco Bravo and came back with enough Super Nachos for everyone.

It could have been the booze or 2 cigars and half a pack of cigarettes, but the first time I tasted a Super Nacho it felt like there was an orgy of flavor in my mouth. That taste sobered me up within the first bite. It was probably how we all felt that night be it our first time or X-amount of time.

After our meal: we continued the night by starting round two of our drinking. By the time it was 2:30 we have killed the Jack and vodka with only half of the Southern Comfort left and 7 beers. It was around this time we were all in the mood for another meal. Jim had ventured of to another venue; Anthony and John were passed out on the bed while A-Train and my bro continued with the shots. That just left me to go get food.

So I ventured to Taco Bravo at around 2:40-ish on my own. I arrived to encounter a line with 5 people ahead of me and a staff that looked like they were more at a party than at work. When it was my turn to order (15 tacos and 3 Super Nacho’s); the waitress laughed at my order then remarked about how I must be having a fun night than took a swing at a handle of Smirnoff.

As I waited for my food another individual who was also having a good night and big order joined me in a conversation about our night. We shared our drinking stories and a flask he had with him. When my food was ready I wished both the staff and the individual a good night.

When I arrived back to the suite only me, my bro and A-Train were in the mood to really eat some of the tacos. It would be around 4-ish when we all passed out and won’t wake up until 10:30. The breakfast buffet was total crap; so my morning meal was a left over Super Nacho and a few beers. Regardless of the cold nacho or my hangover, it was an amazing meal.

Since that night; Taco Bravo has always been were a good night should always end. Every time I’ve had a night of drinking and debauchery, it’s never complete without ending it at Taco Bravo.

More Taco Bravo Stories, coming soon.


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    • profile image

      Traveling Soldier 6 years ago

      Booze 2 cigars and a half pack of cigarettes can make anything taste like happy. With that being said I do love Taco Bravo.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      It was either the very late 70's or the early 80's.

      My family went to Taco La Paz (now Taco Bravo).

      Mexican food was a new novelty and when my dad

      bought a burrito we made fun of him and were scared

      to try it! I remember I only ate a piece of the tortilla.

      We te there for years and years and years.