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Cheesy Taco Pie with Salsa

Updated on August 29, 2012

Taco/Corn Chip Pie


Taco Corn Chip Pie from the Fair!

 Taco/Corn Chip Pie

~Another fair staple~


          This week I have written about some heavy Mexican foods.  The last of these heavier foods will be the Taco/Corn Chip Pie that is sold at the fair with a bag of corn chips tucked on the side.  When you serve it at home you can ring the bowl with them, like I did in the picture.


          Not only have the foods I have demonstrated this week been heavy (albeit tasty) they also use the ingredients that are more traditionally thought of as peasant food.  The so-called fair and festival foods take those ingredients a bit farther into derivations that mix our USA palates into the tastes.


          These foods would be what we call comfort foods.  But we also, eat a great deal more food choices than Mom’s mac & cheese, fried chicken, and meat loaf.  If we only stay with the foods that helped us grow up taller we will, as adults, continue to grow but the growth will be wider.   


          There is a great deal more to New Mexican and Mexican cooking than the repertoire of rice, beans, tortillas, meat, and cheese. 


          So here is my promise, I promise to give you some healthy and fresh recipes too!  There are plenty of recipes that celebrate the fresh fruits and veg in the Southwest.  These foods are also low-calorie and very healthful. 


BUT one more time~


Taco/Corn Chip Pie Fair Style(s)


Let’s keep this quick, easy, and pretty-much store bought.  IF you want to make the ingredients yourself, do see my other recipes as much of these recipes were in previous writings.

          So, at the store (on your way home from work) buy these things!




·        one can of refried beans

·        one can of chili with NO beans

·        one jar salsa

·        one bag of already prepared salad

·        one package of Mexican style shredded cheese

·        one onion diced (sorry, you gotta do this yourself)

·        one bag of corn chips  (on sale here this week for $1.50!)


Putting it Together:


Don’t you think it would be pretentious to say cooking or prep. here?  Me too. 



          Using a soup sized or large salad bowl, place the refried beans on the bottom of the bowl about ½” or more thick.  I heat the beans.

          Heat the canned chili and place a layer on top of the beans.  To taste

          Now the layers of

·        salsa

·        salad

·        cheese

·        onion


          Then decorate the top with the corn chips. 


          Before we move on, what recipes would you like to see here?  I have hundreds and every time I venture out, since I moved to New Mexico, I learn much more about the Land of Enchantment that is named New Mexico. 


          Write me a comment….which recipe would YOU like to see here?

          Here are a few examples!


·        Southwestern Corn Bread

·        7-Layer dip Southwestern

·        New Mexico teas

·        New Mexico sodas/soft drinks There are some great ones, you know!

·        Spanish Omelet

·        Breakfast enchiladas

·        Bebidas frías  (cold drinks from various fruits and spices)

·        Sopas  soups

·        Gazpacho , cold fresh soup (one of my most favorite)

·        Ensalada de col Cabbage salad

·        Albóndagas  (meatballs)

·        Maiz (cooked corn)

·        Chuletas de certo (Pork chops) Mexicana

·        Pollo (chicken) Mexicana

·        Carne  (beef dishes)

·        Cordero (lamb dishes)

·        Tomatillo dishes (looks like green tomatoes in their own little paper bag!)

·        Chalupas  (little boats of meat or sweets!)

·        Pescado  (fish dishes)  Mexico has a huge coastline and lots of great fish dishes, you know!

·        Chiles Rellenos  (stuffed chilés) 

·        Chili cheese and egg sandwiches

·        Pan de queso  (cheese bread)

·        Arroz  (rice dishes)

·        Salsas, salsas, salsas,  Salsa just means sauce and I have seen hundreds of versions, most of which are excellent!!

·        Take-To-The-Potluck dishes   Many of my recipes fit in here!

·        Drinks, more than Margaritas, although there are many variations on the Margarita

·         DESSERTS!


There are many many more recipes.  So, please let me know if there is one from the list you would like to see or one you had at a lovely restaurant and would like to see here.


          I have collected these recipes for many years.  I also have very good friends who have demonstrated to me the making of these recipes.  Many of them had no written recipe until I took my notes (often from memory of the time in their kitchen.)


          Tomorrow, another weekend special! 

Land of Enchantment



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    • NMLady profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New Mexico & Arizona

      cheese enchiladas just went on the soon-to-do list!


    • profile image

      Arlene V. Poma 

      10 years ago

      Oh, yeah! The best thing my ex ever did for me was teach me how to fish, buy me a pair of good loppers and make a variation of your recipe. Known as Frito Boats. But your recipe goes into more detail. Thanks for your Hub. You have quite a collection of recipes,and I'm looking forward to trying them. I lean towards cheese enchiladas.


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