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TAFT AVENUE Food Trip - Top Picks for Restaurants and Places

Updated on December 7, 2013
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Renz lives in the Philippines. He's passionate about food and created his own food blog, A Not-So-Popular Kid.

Food Trip Extension! Your voice, your top picks!
Food Trip Extension! Your voice, your top picks!
The Taft Food Trip Top Picks!
The Taft Food Trip Top Picks!

This is brought to you by A Not-So-Popular Kid's Blog! You may browse more about the food places and restaurants listed here by checking out this link: DLSU Taft Food Trip!

The Best Food Place

Wondering what may be the best restaurant around Taft? Well, I am too, so let's find out through the series of polls here in this page!

5 Categories

Together, we will uncover the top picks under 5 different categories namely Non-Mainstream, Burger, Pasta, Katsu and Desserts! All you need to do is to help out in letting your friends vote in these polls!

Voting will run indefinitely as of now! Let's begin!

Non-Mainstream Division

Taft Food Trip: Non-Mainstream
Taft Food Trip: Non-Mainstream

What's your top pick for non-mainstream restaurants?

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Best Non-Mainstream Restaurant

Under this category are restaurants or food places not found along the main road of Taft (except for Flaming Wings). Usually, students around Taft are not much aware of the places under this category.

Blogger's Pick: Samgyupsalamat - although somehow pricey, it provides good quality korean pork and beef

Best Value in Money: Exile on Main St. - relatively affordable prices and good serving

Current Best Pick for Taft Non-Mainstream Restaurant - Flaming Wings
Current Best Pick for Taft Non-Mainstream Restaurant - Flaming Wings

Burger Division

Taft Food Trip: Burgers
Taft Food Trip: Burgers

What's your top pick for burgers?

See results

Best Burger in Taft

There are a lot of burgers to choose from around Taft Avenue, especially if we include the Fast Food Chains in our count. However, I excluded them for this matter because they are so common that their association with Taft - DLSU, CSB and St Scholastica is weak (discounting the fact that Taft Avenue covers a long distance).

Hence, what I just included are those that prepare the burgers as you order.

Burger considerations: Quality of patty and bun, taste, price and uniqueness.

Blogger's Pick: Nomi Burger - I chose this for the variety of options and uniqueness of the burgers such as the rice burgers. In line with this, I recommend the Uni Rice Burger or Gyudon Rice Burger. Yummy! I am having a hard time between Nomi and BRGR Project, so I'm giving the latter the title of "Top Contender".

Best Value in Money: Zark's Burger - meals are already inclusive of iced tea and french fries. Prices are at P105+ and Nomi Burger (for some burger meals) since the meal also comes with the same includables.

Pasta Division

Taft Food Trip: Pastas
Taft Food Trip: Pastas

What's your top pick for pasta?

See results

Best Pasta in Taft

I am a big fan of pasta, but it feels sad that there are not enough great options around Taft.

Blogger's Pick: Goodles - the price is a bit much on this one, but they still provide highly satisfactory pasta! The recommended pastas are the lasagnas.

Best Value in Money: Pasta Boy - affordable yet the quality is not heavily compromised.

Current Pick for Best Pasta in Taft - Goodles!
Current Pick for Best Pasta in Taft - Goodles!

Katsu Division

Taft Food Trip: Katsus
Taft Food Trip: Katsus

What's your top pick for katsu?

See results

Best Katsu in Taft

With the rise of the Katsu Craze, restaurants specializing on katsus also emerged. Around Taft, we have 4 main contenders under this division.

Note: When choosing, consider that the Karage Pop is different from Chicken Katsu of Tori Box.

Considerations: Serving, price, taste, quality and includables (e.g. free soup, etc.)

Blogger's Pick: Crazy Katsu - unique flavors, great tasting Japanese mayonnaise and nice place!

Best Value in Money: King Katsu - relatively cheaper than the others but still provide good quality Katsu

Current Pick for Best Katsu in Taft - Crazy Katsu!
Current Pick for Best Katsu in Taft - Crazy Katsu!

Dessert Division

Taft Food Trip: Desserts
Taft Food Trip: Desserts

What's your top pick for desserts?

See results

Best Dessert in Taft

It's difficult to deny that we are always craving for some sweets! This is why I am often on the hunt for great and lovable desserts!

Blogger's Pick: Y Tu Mama Brownie - this is one of the best I've ever had! There are 5 flavors bursting inside your mouth when you have a bite: cocoa, chocolate, walnuts, caramel and ice cream (if you go ala mode)!

Best Value in Money: Munchies - affordable desserts yet good enough to delight you!

How much of a Taft Foodie are you?

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Thanks my dear friend! I hope you enjoyed these polls!


Thank you so much for participating in the five (5) polls!

For comments and suggestions, feel free to comment below! Also, don't forget to share this place by hitting on the like button on your right!

© 2013 Renz Kristofer Cheng


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